The ways we learn languages can affect our feeling of freedom.

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Speaking a language is an inherently an imaginative act with which we express that we are. Us have limitless ways of saying what we desire to speak in our mom tongue. It is our an option how we say what we desire to say, or not, relying on who we are and our intentions. Language gives us the liberty to speak what we desire to say. Of course, our own thinking and beliefs might put borders on the freedom and also creativity, the is for sure. No to mention our cultural, social and political environments, castle can additionally constrain us at times. However, the does no detract indigenous the nature that language itself and also what we are capable of.

So once we learn one more language the is a factor to take into consideration that we execute want to maintain that capacity to have the ability to say what want and what us mean. Unfortunately, many times as soon as we are taught a 2nd language, (and numerous times additionally when we learn it ourselves, as we have tendency to duplicate the techniques we to be taught through at school) we room taught in means that offer to properly limit our possibilities and what we deserve to say. Unless we learn to an outbreak of the constraints that are put on united state we constantly will feeling constricted in the second language, never really regarding it as our own. 

Ways of discovering languages that deserve to limit our feeling of freedom.

So why carry out I say that lot of language teaching serves to border our ability to be creative and to be able to express what we want to say v freedom? i ask friend to take into consideration learning a language by:

memorising of vocabulary or grammar rulesrepetition of set phrases or conjugations of verbsdrilling what we room learningdoing practice that merely are designed to replicate or test what we currently knowtranslating words indigenous our mother tonguelearning language the is no a fit with our perceptions, ours “world” or our attitudes

All of these methods, in fact, don’t call for us to communicate who us are, what us believe, what we see. They room designed only to engage a very limited aspect of our intellect. All us seem to must is to call on is an facet of our memory the is not an innovative nor asking us to interact ourselves. We have feelings, perceptions, understandings and are essentially an interpretation making machines! us inevitably are always making sense of what us are connected in by using a range of ours capacities. The practice mentioned above can reason a feeling of confusion and also of being disengaged indigenous what we are learning. Over there is a feeling of inadequacy and a feeling of not being who we yes, really are. This deserve to be a subtle yet important factor that can influence our attitude towards learning languages and no doubt is among the factors why so many world give up on the activity at very early stage.

Ways of discovering languages the respect our sense of freedom.

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So what would language finding out look favor that called on every one of us, on our understandings, on ours perceptions, on our feelings and also on a much more holistic see of ours intellect? below are a couple of hallmarks of such learning:

we are expected come engage all of us in what we execute – ours feelings, our perceptions, our intellect, our senses etcwhen we room not interested and attracted to an exercise, we are not pressured into doing itwe are not intended to mindlessly drill yet instead supposed to use what we have learned to new situations our intelligence is dubbed on, therefore we room not told points we can number out because that ourselves our practice is an innovative so what we say or create transforms what we already know in also small, periodically unpredictable but knowable wayswe room expected come listen and not hand fed understandings that we can work out from what we have heardwhere we can work definitions out indigenous situations, we are urged to perform that fairly than analyze or asking questions; that way we are working out our brain in means that have the right to only do it “stronger”from the very beginning, our skill in producing structurally “correct” and also situationally suitable sentences are emphasised and also nurtured so our feel master of the language it s okay stronger and also stronger.


Of course, there space those learners that have the right to express your creativity and individuality no matter how they to be taught, however then there is the numerous multitude the struggles and never feel that they space at residence in it. This in huge part to perform with how they were taught or how they learned the language, no the reality they are in part way deficient.

This relationship in between how we learn (or are taught) and who us are and also aspire to be, namely having actually the flexibility to refer ourselves as we desire so we feel totally at residence in the new language, is vital factor in the procedure of finding out languages.