I have been snacking ~ above hummus lately and also wondered whether or not it demands to it is in refrigerated. I was also curious even if it is hummus would make a good picnic food and if it would remain safe come eat if left the end of the frozen refrigerator for number of hours. So, ns did some comprehensive research and these are my findings.

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Hummus, whether bought in the cold ar of the keep or made at home, have to be refrigerated and also should no be left unrefrigerated for more than 2 hours. However, canned hummus does not need refrigeration before opening. Hummus has actually a shelf life of around 1 week once opened.

Here is the shelf life of hummus, both homemade and processed, before and also after opening:

ProductBefore OpeningAfter Opening
Commercial Hummus (Refrigerated)Refrigerate 2 months1 week
Commercial Hummus (Unrefrigerated)Pantry 1 month previous Expiration Date1 week
Commercial Hummus (Canned)Pantry 1 month previous Expiration Date1 week
HomemadeMust be refrigeratedRefrigerate 4-5 days

Now let’s discover the topic in better detail.

How lengthy Does Hummus Last as soon as Opened?

How lengthy hummus lasts depends on countless things including the ingredients, how it was processed, and how that is stored, before and after the container is opened.

Because hummus is a vegetable-based product, it will certainly spoil very quickly if left unrefrigerated and also will stay good longer if maintained at a temperature between 33 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, few of the ingredients, specifically garlic and also spinach, go bad quickly and also shorten the moment that the chickpeas (the main ingredient in hummus) last. But, some ingredients such together lemon juice and salt do help to expand the life that hummus.

Here are references for exactly how long hummus large before and after opening through refrigeration:

The many common type found in the deli situation at your neighborhood supermarket: large 2 months before opening with refrigeration; large 1 mainly after opening with refrigeration. Be certain to examine the expiration date on the container simply to it is in sure.Commercial box Hummus that is to buy unrefrigerated: will certainly last in your pantry 1 month previous its expiration date. ~ opening, the hummus have to be refrigerated and also will remain great for approximately 1 week. Please keep in mind that the crate version must be save on computer under ideal conditions which includes a cool, dry, and dark place such as a cabinet or pantry which is not exposed to extreme heat or straight sunlight.Homemade hummus: should be refrigerated and will only remain an excellent for approximately 4-5 days together a homemade version generally does no contain the preservatives the commercially produced assets do.

What about Freezing Hummus?

Hummus, homemade and also commercial, can be frozen for up to 4 months in a freezer-safe container. There may be a small separation as soon as thawed, however a good stirring can usually restore the texture. Frozen hummus have to be s overnight in the refrigerator. Hummus that has actually previously been frozen should not it is in re-frozen.

Can girlfriend Eat Hummus If Left the end Overnight?

After gift left the end for more than 2 hours, it’s challenging to recognize for certain whether hummus would be safe to eat. Box hummus that has included preservatives could stand a fighting chance of quiet be okay to eat. However, I would certainly not introduce chancing it. The risk of food poisoning is just not worth it.

How perform You recognize When Hummus Is Bad?

Here space 5 methods to identify whether hummus has gone bad.

Mold- You may see mold or some other kind of expansion on the surface.Discolored or Hard- If hummus has actually been approximately too long, it will start to harden and the shade will darken.If old, don’t take a chance- If the container has actually been opened up for more than 7 days, it would be much better to just discard it.

Eating hummus that has actually started going negative has the potential to do you ill due to the fact that of the growth of mold and also bacteria, therefore if in doubt, err ~ above the for sure side and pitch it out.

What wake up If friend Eat negative Hummus?

There room some definite pertains to if girlfriend eat bad hummus. Instances of listeria and also other ailments have been documented. Instantly call poison manage or contact your doctor if friend think you may be in ~ risk.

Things That assist Hummus last Longer

Here are 4 points that can help hummus last longer:

Keep that refrigerated at every times.If offer hummus in ~ a enjoy the meal or party, consider placing the hummus container in a bowl of ice to save it cold.Consider drizzling a tiny olive oil over the surface ar of hummus prior to returning it come the refrigerator to protect against oxidation and keep that moist.

When serving hummus:

Keep the container lidded to prevent airborne contamination.Use a spoon or various other utensil the is dedicated exclusively to the container that hummus to protect against cross-contamination with other food.Keep the outside, rim, and container lid clean to protect against contamination.Consider spooning precise portion friend think will certainly be consumed into one more dish and also leaving the container refrigerated.

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What to execute If You have actually Too countless Opened Containers the Hummus

If you had actually that vacation party and much more than one container the hummus was opened, take into consideration saving as much as you deserve to by:

Freezing all however one container.Breaking out the snack crackers and also feasting ~ above as much leftover hummus as you can.Making warm dishes follow to center Eastern recipes which space healthy and economical.

Types of Hummus That would certainly Not Be for sure to ever before Leave Unrefrigerated

All varieties of hummus, commercial and homemade, and also all seasonings of hummus need refrigeration after opening, and also only one brand the hummus (that I can find) makes and also markets one unrefrigerated version that packages the two key ingredients that chickpeas and also tahini in separate containers which are stirred together once opened.

Ways come Eat Hummus

There are unlimited ways to eat hummus and here are a couple of of those ways:

Spread on pita and other breads, crackers, and chips;Served hot spread on a plate and also topped v vegetables and/or meat such as oxtail;Freeze in ice cream trays and place a cube or two in a plastic bag or container; the cube(s) should be thawed by lunch and can be appreciated with chips or vegetables sticks.

Interesting Facts around Hummus and Where the Originated

The basic recipe for hummus is the same almost everywhere the world and also is a mix of chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, and garlic. The only distinction in the miscellaneous recipes is in the seasonings that are included to that basic recipe.Each middle Eastern country has its very own version of hummus yet many eat it as a hot dish rather than together a snack food.Chickpeas have been grew in the Middle eastern for countless centuries and also have at times to be ground and also used together a coffee substitute.Hummus is a good source the iron and also can minimize your threat of having actually anemia.Hummus has been rumored to be an aphrodisiac.Because hummus is made through olive oil, it includes anti-inflammatory properties.Hummus is also loaded v amino acids the strengthen muscles.Hummus has amino acids and also minerals which lead to healthy skin and also hair.

Final Thoughts

Hummus is a snack that has many health benefits. Recently, in an effort to eat healthier and possibly lose a few extra pounds, I’ve to be eating it together a snack. My arrival to this wonderful and also healthy concoction was from the deli at a neighborhood supermarket however I’ve recently been experimenting with assorted homemade recipes.

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However, being basic to preserve its freshness as a portable snack food is not one of those benefits uneven you buy the canned or the unrefrigerated versions and also only open up them as soon as you are all set to eat. Hummus is a plant-based food gift made indigenous chickpeas and must, therefore, be maintained as a vegetable.

Just in situation you are as interested as I to be in trying your own homemade version of Hummus, I can recommend the recipe discovered on The Mediterranean dish website at themediterraneandish.com. It is easy and delicious! Enjoy!