So you read through the checklist. You have your fall in and also exit locations marked. You start telling friends and also family once you’ll be back but girlfriend stop and think…. Once will you be back? If your trip is 25 miles, just how long will that take? how long go it take to kayak a mile?

This question doesn’t have one simple answer, yet if you’re looking for estimates, the mean time come kayak a mile is in between 20-30 minutes.

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To truly answer this, friend really should look at several of the variables involved.


Type of Kayak

If you to be the driver of an illegal street race and also you had actually to choose in between a 1981 Ford station Wagon and also the Lamborghini that just rolled off the factory floor? Which would you pick?

It’s an obvious answer, and also that’s how it boils down to kayaks too.

Ok, maybe not that drastic, but there is a noticeable distinction in tracking and speed together the cost increases. As with anything in life, you gain what you salary for.

This doesn’t median you need a optimal of the line, custom, carbon fiber, kayak come paddle the end a mile in much less than 20 minutes. It is pretty simple to carry out using a kayak you pick up from Walmart.

Sit-in kayaks perform seem to it is in a tiny quicker in the water. It"s due to the fact that sit-in kayaks lower your human body down, closer to the water, keeping you an ext stable.

Sit on optimal kayaks raise your center of gravity and also allow much more wind resistance. 

Length the Kayak

The size of your kayak dram a huge part in your as whole speed and also tracking. The longer and skinnier the kayak, the faster and straighter it will go.

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I constantly have come be conscious that i don"t obtain ahead the my family when we"re out kayaking.

I normally paddle in my Wilderness solution Tsunami 165, which is 16.5 feet long. Mine wife commonly uses her 11 foot Dagger Zydeco. The difference of 5.5 feet add to a little more paddle strength really rockets me front of them.It’d be exciting to view if we switched kayaks if the results would be the same.