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it was quite awhile ago, but i think i more than likely learned that in about 1 week, however i didn"t practice much... However now, i deserve to ollie, yet i"m no very an excellent at ollieing while moving
Hmmm...I remember once I started skateboarding i did not know how to do anything on my board. Then I started watching videos and I also met some skaters. First I practiced on the grass and that"s just how I learned. It took me about 3 main probably. Mine ollie is high and smooth now..
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probably take it me around a week? ns think, ns not rather too sure exactly how long it in reality took me. I didnt "practice" and I never will ever, i skate and try things together I go.
you men are lucky, its been months due to the fact that i began trying and I quiet cant perform it. Every time ns pop the tail i lean back and that is a bad habit of mine for this reason i can never drag the board up through my former foot. Go anyone have any type of tips because that me?
It toke me around a day just to get the back wheel off a little bit, then to actually obtain it atleast a deck high standing about 2 weeks, and also boy it toke me little bit to do it moving.
It take it me 2 mainly of skating to ollie. However it was just two days of make the efforts to perform it to gain it.This will kill her shoes, but just leave the board in that is popped position and keep ~ above sliding her foot increase to gain the feel of it then shot in the rapid action.BTW, also shot riding the "other" means to ollie. I was doing it the wrong way at first.~zMMe
That advice indigenous zelda dude just might work
I learned mine actual SLOOOOOOWWW, It take it me about 6 months. However I didn"t have actually anyone to teach me, or ns didnt watch any skate videos, i had actually to find out on my own (i was the very first skater in my naborhood)
hey keving, i feel your pain. Ns am doing the the same way and I have actually tried for many months too however I virtually have the
So I"m no the just slow one the end there...thank god...
Cool..I watch you have a little conversation here but, try to save it spam-free as lot as you can.. And also on object also.. Thanks.

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I have actually my board for a month at least, No ollie yet.

Hmm..That"s prolly since you don"t ice scating a lot of or girlfriend don"t practice.. ns bet that if girlfriend would exercise at the very least 2 hrs a day.. You would gain it in a week.. It"s yes, really worth the time..
dont worry, i have had actually my plank 11 months now and can"t ollie yet. But thats since I never tried hard enough before, I exercise at least a tiny a day currently and almost have the down