Secure, Affordable global Shipping® international mail services go to more than 180 countries, including an excellent Britain, Canada, Japan, Mexico, and also Australia. Global Express Guaranteed®, Priority mail Express International®, and also Priority letter International® services include international tracking and also some insurance.

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Use Click-N-Ship® business to print postage and resolve labels online, plus get help with filling out customs forms.

Print a LabelLearn more about just how to ship internationally


ALERT: can no much longer accept or provide international letter to several countries due come COVID-19 organization impacts. View all countries with short-term service and also guaranteed-delivery suspensions. ReadMore


International mail Services

Select indigenous a variety of international services that administer delivery to more than 180 countries.


Sending global Shipments

Get pack tips because that your international mail and packages, uncover out what items space restricted, watch weight limits, and also more.


Print custom-mades Forms

You should fill out a customs type when you delivery a package to another country. Usage Click-N-Ship and also the online customs type tool as a guide.


Ship to Military

Properly prepare APO/FPO/DPO packages using totally free boxes, correct customizeds forms, and military letter guidelines.

Passports: use or Renew

Learn about many post Office™ locations that accept passport applications for first-time applicants, minors, and people who might not renew your passport by mail.

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International Money Transfers

Learn exactly how to get money to someone in details locations overseas. Postal global money orders and also Sure Money® wire transfers space safe, secure options. Watch the maximum amounts you deserve to send and where.

International Shipping Services

Expand All service Shipping Time PricingGlobal refer Guaranteed®Priority mail Express International®Priority mail International® First-Class Package international Service®

1–3 business Days1


3–5 business Days2


6–10 company Days2


Varies by Destination


1. For many significant markets. Actual variety of days may vary. View Publication 141, worldwide Express Guaranteed business Description.Back^

2. For many major markets. Actual number of days might vary based upon origin, destination and also customs delays.Back^