Does tequila go bad or not? How should you store tequila and how do you tell if tequila has gone bad? Here are the answers.

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Although tequila can retain its quality indefinitely, to find out if it is spoiled:

Observe the liquid and see if there are any impurities in it.Sniff it and see if it smells fine.

But if tequila’s smell or taste is unbearable, discard it.

How To Store Tequila


Tequila is similar to other distilled spirits like vodka, whiskey, and rum. You can keep it in the same manner as you keep them. Keep it in a place that is:

cooldrynot exposed to direct sunlightaway from heat sources

That means keeping it in your pantry is the best option. You can let it remain at room temperature as well.

The oxidation process starts after you remove the seal of the bottle. It brings about a change in the compounds present in alcohol. As a result, there is a slight change in the flavor.

Try it out and see: Pour a small amount of tequila in one glass, leave it for a day or two, and then taste it. Also, pour some tequila and drink it immediately. You will see that their taste is slightly different from each other.

Make it a point to seal the bottle tightly after use. It will prevent oxidation, and there will not be any chance for impurities to enter the bottle.

If you consume tequila occasionally and in small quantities, pour it into a small bottle after the original bottle is half-empty. That way, less oxygen will get inside the bottle, and oxidation will be slower.

How Long Tequila Lasts


Once spirits are removed from casks and put into bottles, they stop maturing or improving, so even if you keep your bottled tequila for years, it won’t become more valuable. If your tequila’s quality is not good enough, probably it was the same when you purchased it.

Tequila’s shelf life is indefinite, and you can leave it in your pantry without any time restriction. However, if you want to enjoy it at its best quality, consume it within a year after opening the seal. Because after that, the aroma and flavor will deteriorate slowly.

The Bottom Line On Tequila

You can enjoy good quality tequila for a long time, even after you have opened the seal of the bottle. Remember to keep it in some cool place, away from direct sunlight or heat. Don’t forget to close the lid tightly.

Be careful to not inadvertently add any impurities into your bottle. Otherwise, bacteria may develop gradually and spoil it.

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The good news is that, due to the alcohol content, tequila does not provide a suitable environment for the microorganisms to thrive.