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Hi Guys have the right to you please clear up a bet in between a friend and I.Our concern is under perfect farming conditions and also perfect soil problems can you harvest 100 small square bales every acre?we are putting in 124 acre in alfalfa under pivot irrigation, i am guessing 36 bales an acre v the ar at 10% bloom and also he is guessing 100 bales per acre.I know there are a the majority of variables in this scenario, however if you took them the end is it even possible?


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I was never so wild to get 4 cuttings, yet the 2nd and 3rd together could be an additional 100 bales. Due to the fact that you"re under irrigation, and also all that brand-new Mexico sunlight, you should have the ability to push it pretty hard .By the way, welcome to!
i no think that would execute 100 bales every acre many thanks for the info everyone..and thanks for the welcome....
Sometimes it varies by area 100 bales at 40 lbs little kicker bales equals 2 ton every acre if you room thinking 100 lb western bales time 100 equates to 5 ton per acre.

Personally--I get about fifty percent of what i did for an initial cutting, and also at third cutting about fifty percent of what ns did at second cutting. However that"s not straight alfalfa either, nor am i in remotely the same climate.
We make 50lb bales. Anything lighter seemed favor a waste of time, anything much heavier and you"d have concerns with em busting in the thrower wagons.

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"I oath by my life and my love of the that ns will never live for the sake of an additional man, nor ask another man to live for mine."Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan Dealer for HeatmasterSS​
We do 50lb bales. Noþeles lighter seemed prefer a waste of time, anything lot heavier and also you"d have issues with em busting in the thrower wagons.
To litter a wet blanket on the bales per acre numbers. As a couple of have discussed what room the "actual" weight and also size that the bales?As a beginning point, if girlfriend look (and get) the lots per acre (of dried matter), climate you can get an ext realistic (IMHO) numbers. I review somewhere the US typical is 2 tons of dry issue per acre in hay production. Different locations can be vastly different, part folks gain 6-8 cuttings would certainly most likely be higher, part a one cut situation could it is in lower.A large thing in mine mind is how numerous folks don"t sweet their hay. My RB"s hands-on says it have the right to make a 1500# bale and also I have done that. However, the hay didn"t save (too high moisture and they spoiled). There room folks that usage the manual"s numbers for their bale weights. Verses weighing a couple of bales, to gain YOUR yes, really numbers. I know that it seem my ss bales sweet a lot an ext at the end of the load/day than they do at the start for some odd reason. Add to you have the right to have the western 3 wire bale (16" x 18") verses the 2 wire bale (14" x 18".Reminds me of a fellow HT the was baling what he though was hefty bales. Got him come grab a couple of and action on a basic bathroom scale. His bales weighed approximately 31 -33# each. My ss bales sweet in at 62.5# each.So using his ss bale load of 35# and getting 100 bales per acre, yes, really doesn"t compare v me only gaining 75 -60# bales per acre. His would certainly be 3,500# (1.75 tons and also at 15% moisture 1.4875 lots of dry issue being gotten rid of per acre), while i would have 4,500# (2.25 tons and at 15% humidity 1.9125 tons of dry matter being gotten rid of per acre). Which subsequently makes mine fertilizer removal price higher, too.A ar to begin would it is in your neighborhood ag college, they might have some yields per acre (by tons) for her area. In my area the regional ag college is getting virtually 6 tons an acre yield. However that is just being done, with haylage (not dry hay) and an ext cuttings (I effort to acquire 4 cuttings, they attempt 6 cuttings).My much less than two cents.Larry
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