Do any of you recognize a great estimate the how numerous calories are burned after an hour or so of skating? I'm just trying to number out how many and also can't it seems ~ to uncover a good estimate or range


My selection is in between 225-500 calories because that an hour session (estimated by my fitness tracker and also heart price monitor). The lower variety is once I’m doing mainly moves and also edges, and also the upper selection is once I’m doing greatly jumps and also program run-throughs.

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Everything u/thatnurselifts states is spot-on. Ns would add that it really depends on what you're doing as well as your fitness level and body load as an ext weight lugged = an ext calories burned. Harvard health and wellness Publishing argues that it deserve to vary from 210 come 330 per 30 minute (so 420 come 660 every hour) or much more based top top body weight alone. So you have to make an estimate based on both the level of task in the session and also your own body weight.

255-350 based on what mine tracker has been recording for a 50 min session. I'd need to look virtual to find how much 1 full solo run v eats.

I use a fitbit to monitor my calorie usage and record my love rate. Renders it simpler to see my very own patterns.

Depends on what she doing. Mine morning session this particular day (hour long), I shed 720 calories. This is definitely a greater number since I was jumping (working ~ above triples) and doing regimen runs throughs (long program 3 min) the totality session. Yet on my night session (90 minutes) and I only melted 650 calories in spite of it gift longer due to the fact that I mostly worked on choreography and some spins add to some short program. So it absolutely depends top top the session/what you work on.

Wow, writing it out prefer that provides it seem choose so much. No wonder i snack a lot.

Just a keep in mind - calorie burn measured by smart watches space not the most accurate. They deserve to be off by a lot! The best method to figure it out is come track your weight, calories and also skating task for a month.

I normally burn about 400-500 calorie in a 50 minute conference (group lesson). If I simply go skating through my friends, it's reduced - about 300 calories per hour.

I recently gained a chest strap on love monitor and it read about 800+ calorie in an hour and also a fifty percent session. I'm trying that again morning though to see if I can replicate that or if perhaps the band was too loose or something.

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Per mine apple watch, i burn anywhere from 250-600 calorie in a (edit: 1 hr) session. Relies what I'm functioning on - ice cream dance burns more calories 보다 freeskate exercise (probably because it's an ext consistent quite than short bursts), and also running any programs automatically ups the calorie burn for the session.

I use an Apple clock to monitor my sessions and also though it’s probably not the many accurate, it’s almost everywhere from 250-600 one hour. Relies on what I’m functioning on and also how awake ns am