Many the you might remember the 2001 british Open when Ian Woosnam had just eagled the an initial hole and also moved right into a re-publishing of the lead. Not yet minutes later he was educated by his caddy miles Byrne that he was over the legal limit for clubs (14) and also was moving 15 clubs in his bag. The unfortunate incident emerged because Ian was trying the end two drivers on the driving range before the even and his caddy had actually left both in the bag. It"s stated that the mistake expense Woosnam a shot in ~ the Ryder Cup team and also 225,000 brothers pounds.

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Take It to the Limit

One can see exactly how easy a mistake choose that would certainly be as countless golfers experiment with drivers, putters and also wedges in practice and even right prior to a ring to watch what is feeling an excellent on that particular day. It"s additionally not uncommon to carry particular clubs for certain courses. For instance, I offered to exchange the end my 4 iron v my void wedge. They were both clubs i hit infrequently and also I would uncover out throughout the practice round that each occasion how the food laid the end for mine game and also which society I more than likely wouldn"t need much if at all. Wedges, lengthy irons and also fairway woods are regularly switched out by good players make the efforts to shape their game for a certain course. The old staples choose driver, putter and also pitching wedge through 5 iron room usually in the bag no matter what, however occasionally an extra have the right to be included if a player is trying to find a brand-new replacement.

The USGA rules of Golf says in dominion 4-4:

"a. Selection and enhancement of ClubsThe player must not begin a stipulated ring with an ext than fourteen clubs. That is limited to the clubs thus selected for the round, other than that if he started with fewer 보다 fourteen clubs, that may include any number, detailed his full number does no exceed fourteen. The addition of a society or clubs must not unduly delay play (Rule 6-7) and the player should not add or borrow any kind of club selected for play by any type of other human being playing top top the food or by assembling components brought by or for the player during the stipulated round.

b. Partners may Share ClubsPartners might share clubs, provided that the total variety of clubs lugged by the partners so sharing does not exceed fourteen."

Should you hurt this rule you obtain a healthy 2 strokes added to her score because that each feet you played with the extra society in her bag. The preferably (thank goodness) is 4 strokes every round. Girlfriend must likewise remove the club and declare it the end of play. If you room playing match play you will shed the hole you found your mistake on and also another if you played one previously (up to 2 holes every match).

Tally before You Tee

It shouldn"t be too complicated to follow this ascendancy if you have a reasonably standard set which would include a putter, 2 wedges, a pitching wedge with 4 iron, a hybrid, 2 fairway woods and a driver. Together you saw previously though, even the ideal players in the world can succumb come this simple to follow rule. In golf anything deserve to happen. No the less it is advised the you constantly count your clubs prior to teeing off in a vain event.

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