Hair density is usually the quantity of hair cultivation on the head. Hair density is calculate by counting the hair farming in 1 sq. Inch (that is come say-2.5 cms) area of your scalp . On average, every person has approximately around 2,200 strands the hair per square inch and also has a complete of 100,000 hairs. Usually, hair thickness is classified together thin, medium, and thick. The hair thickness of a person has nothing to do with the texture of his/her hair.

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Please take into consideration the hair densities registered below and also choose the ideal one corresponding your own organic hair.

Extra irradiate 50%

This density is too thin, and it is only for aged people

Light 80%

This thickness is really light, and it will show the scalp when hair is parted

Light to medium 100%

It is the common hair density. It offers a really natural look

Medium 120%

Regular hair density, i beg your pardon is popular amongst young people

Medium to hefty 140%

Normal density, ideally suited for women or men in 20s and also 30s

Heavy 160%

It is too hefty for normal wear. That suits the special form of thick hairpiece

Extra heavy 180%

We execute not introduce this density


The thickness of hair is not just related to age but also gender. Men and women v normal hair growth and also recession execute not frequently lose the same amount the hair in the exact same areas.




Up come 35

Medium to medium light



Light to tool Light

Medium to tool Light


Medium light to light

Medium to medium light

Over 55

Light to Extra light

Medium to Light

ADDITIONALLY, every BASE MATERIAL has ITS very own THRESHOLD for THE amount OF HAIR IT have the right to HOLD.

EIGHT agree TIPS FOR selecting THE best DENSITY

When you order the hair device for the very first time, it is important to arrangement ahead and think strategically


More hair is not constantly the better. You need to take into consideration your period when picking the hair density. Come be more specific, the thick form of hair density is much more suitable because that the young 보다 the old.


Hair format can give your hair a natural and real look. The thick sample of hair candlestick suit far better to a layered hair style. One can go for including bouncy curls to a thin hair thickness to make it look fuller and also thicker


Knowing the thickness of your naturally cultivation hair is really important because that you to select a hairpiece with comparable hair density.


If girlfriend are brand-new to put on hair system, it i will not ~ a an excellent idea to start with your best density, since you will certainly look noticeably various overnight, and also you can feel comfortable having actually something on your head. Therefore, it might be better for you to order the system at a much more conservative density. After getting some endure with wearing hair and also practicing her attachments, you could include the thickness by 5% or 10% on tour succeeding orders to attain the more heavier look friend want. ~ a couple of months, you could decide which density is ideal for you.


Heavier density selections mean a lot much more hair in your system, which describes heavier all at once weight on your head, more unwieldy and complicated to attach, and also longer drying time. All of these troubles are straightforward to resolve over time, when you get used come them. But for the newbies, the weight deserve to be frustrating and also cause additional complications when finding out to perform attachments and also styling your brand-new hair. You"ll walk from being frustrated by having to format too little hair, to gift frustrated by having actually to layout too much hair.


The tightness the a tide or curl deserve to dramatically impact the fullness that hair and needs to be taken into consideration when picking density. There is a substantial difference in between the densities depending on how tight the curl or tide is, and that really requirements to be thought about when deciding which density to walk with. Also the directly hair and wavy hair have the very same density, the wavy device will look lot fuller. With a chop curl, you should come down the thickness drastically. Therefore, you need to adjust your hair density accordingly.


Similar come the wave and curl, you should pay fist to the size of her hair and also the style you desire. If her hair style is a much shorter cut with several life or curls top top top, you absolutely do not want to start out through a heavy thickness which will tell civilization that you are wearing a wig. Because that longer, flatter hair you can want come ensure that the height is dense enough that you have full coverage ~ above the scalp and a clear, healthy-looking part.


The relationship of the base size to the density is also an important factor. Depending upon the wave/curl, hair length, and also style, you may want to change the densities on the sides and earlier of a bigger hairpiece therefore you perform not have unnaturally bulky hair. That course, with smaller hair systems you need to be much more careful the you dimension your base appropriately.

Some often Heard Facts and also Questions top top Hair Density:

Q1: execute you use the same density scale as provided by various other companies?

No. We all know that every hair device companies use somewhat comparable types of density scale yet the scales room not precisely the same. We address a wide variety of densities ranging from 30 strands that hair every sq. Cm to 150 strands of hair per sq. Cm, so the 30’s one is most likely the thinnest one and also the 150’s one has the thickest density.

Q2: will the base style get impacted by my choice of density?

Surely it will certainly affect! If you go for a thin thickness hair mechanism then we will advise friend a smooth and also invisible Hollywood base to give you a organic look. And also if you decide to go with a thick hair density then us shall advice girlfriend on a heavy, special base. If the hair thickness is on the lighter side then the base product should certainly be a finer, smoother one. Thus, the is essential to store in mind the hair thickness you shall have while picking the basic materials.

Q3: after the unit is delivered can I readjust the density?

You can adjust the density after the unit is delivered but we won’t recommend girlfriend to do so. When the whole procedure of hair system is completed there shall be no remnants that stubbles in the base, transferring a organic appearance. However, the thickness can conveniently be thinned through a thinning shear but the problem faced is that the hair mechanism shall it is in thinned together close as possible to the base, leave stubbles that hair in the base. This stubbles shall provide you one unpleasant emotion upon touched. NOTE: Thinning has actually nothing to perform with the bending that hair.

Q4: can the density be different across different components of the unit?

Yes, the density throughout different components of the unit have the right to be different. This option may offer you one unnatural yet a genuine look.

Q5: What density suits a male in 60s choose?

Hmm…, we will advise the guy to walk for a hair mechanism of much more than 60 hair every sq. Cm, just if he does not have a distinct hair density.

Q6: for a female, are the thickness recommendations different?

No, there is no such rule. But usually, females like to have actually denser hair than men.

Q7: between what thickness percentages deserve to I order indigenous you?

We offer densities between 30 – 150 hair strands every sq. Cm and all the hair mechanism is hand–tied. Hair device is all around the seamless connection between a tool and art (not science), thus, you have the right to never get an ext hair strands 보다 the above mentioned in every square centimeter of your scalp.

Q8: Is there any kind of maximum thickness for full lace or lace front hair systems?

Yes. You have the right to order any kind of density with the lace base. Yet logically, speaking, it is not best to stimulate a medium to full hair density with lace as you will not be able to see through it.

Q9: If every the densities come in the exact same price then shouldn’t ns order the preferably hair density?

Even if having actually maximum hair will bear the exact same cost selecting heavy hair density may not enhance your own hair or your age and also will give you an unnatural and unreal look.

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Q10: I had ordered the same density twice however then why one unit is lighter than the other?

Hope girlfriend will recognize the reason we will define now. Simply the means you cannot discover two specifically same persons in the World, not even twins, girlfriend cannot discover two devices exactly comparable even if they have the same density. Designing and also making a hair mechanism is an art kind and the hair system processes room all done by hand, thus, that may have actually some differences.