A young Anakin Skywalker as soon as said that no one can kill a Jedi. Clearly his childhood naiveté was mistaken. Anakin himself would go ~ above to death dozens that Jedi himself. Likewise, others throughout the galaxy managed to slay Jedi indigenous time to time. Among the remarkable Jedi-killers is fabled bounty hunter Cad Bane. Possibly the many prolific Jedi-slayer, however, to be none various other than general Grievous.

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Grievous squares off against General Kenobi in Revenge of the Sith. (Image: Disney/Lucasfilm)

We’re an initial introduced to the character in the current Star Wars canon timeline in 2005’s Revenge that the Sith. The cyborg leader the the Separatist droid army, though not force sensitive, was however proficient through a lightsaber. Grievous made the a allude to taunt Obi-Wan Kenobi with the reality that every lightsaber he wielded he took from a please Jedi. Top top film, and also later in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Grievous constantly possessed 4 lightsabers through which come battle. But how did he gain them, and also from i m sorry Jedi?

The Lightsabers of general Grievous

Once again The Stupendous Wave has actually put together an informative video clip detailing the Jedi-murderer’s exploits. Rumor tells united state Grievous took the resides of dozens of Jedi or more. However, we’re only able to recognize a scant couple of of Jedi from whom count Dooku’s enforcer derived his weapons of choice. You deserve to watch the video clip and find out the identities of several of those Jedi below.

One glaring discrepancy exists in between Legends and also canon, though. That requires the lightsaber that Sifo-Dias. In Legends, count Dooku gifted the Jedi Master’s lightsaber to Grievous. In canon, to the contrary, Plo Koon discovers the lightsaber in a shipwreck top top the moon the Oba Diah. (This occurs in The Clone Wars, Season 6, episode 10, “The shed One”.)

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Grievous in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. (Image: Disney/Lucasfilm)

Nevertheless, the cyborg boasts considerable collection that the Jedi weapons despite this certain Legends/canon conflict. He definitely knows how to wield them with deadly efficiency.

Grievous was an attractive character, for sure. Thankfullywe obtained to see much more of that in The Clone Wars,because his time on film was much too short.