Fraction questions have the right to altoalsimce.orgnfuse a many students when phrased in this way, a an excellent place altoalsimce.orgme start because of this is altoalsimce.orgme think the the number 9 as the portion 9/1.

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Now we realtoalsimce.orggnize the preeminence that once you have a portion you have to do the exact same to the molecule (the number top top the top) as you execute to the demoninator (bottom).

We understand we desire the denominator to be 3 as that is stated in the question, so to acquire from 1 altoalsimce.orgme 3 we times by 3, so by law the same to the top, we gain (9 x 3)/3, i beg your pardon is 27/3, therefore there space 27 thirds in 9.

Answered by Rheanne B. • Maths tutor


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