We’re being asked todetermine how countless orbitals in an atomcan have actually each the thefollowing designations.

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Recall that thequantum numbersthat define an electron are:

Principal Quantum Number(n): faces thesize and also energy the the atomic orbital.

Thepossible values for nare1 come ∞.

Angular inert Quantum Number(l): faces theshape that the atomic orbital.

Thepossible worths for lare0 come (n – 1).

Magnetic Quantum Number(ml): deals with theorientation that the atomic orbitalin 3D space.

Thepossible values for mlis the variety of l:–l to +l.

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How countless orbitals in one atom deserve to have each of the complying with designations?

a.3sb. 3dc.7pd. n = 3

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