1- background & Object 2- The Essentials (Offense & Defense, Scoring, Etc.) 3- field Diagram and also Positions 4- navard of soft ball Terms

Field of Play


Softball is play on a huge grass and dirt field. The field contains fair territory within the two foul lines and also foul territory outside the foul lines. Softball areas have some common characteristics:

Bases: A soft ball “diamond” is composed of four bases placed in a square. The bases are 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, and home plate.

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Infield: The area about the 4 bases, the surface of which is generally grass and packed dirt.

Outfield: The grassy area beyond the infield.

Foul lines: 2 lines (first and third base line) that distinguish fair territory from foul territory. A ball that access time the foul line is referred to as fair.

Foul poles: Poles stationed at the end of each foul heat to differentiate fair region from foul are for balls hit over the outfield fence. A ball that access time the foul pole is a home run.

Pitcher’s mound: The increased area in the center of the diamond indigenous which the pitcher litter the ball.

Batter’s box: Box marked with chalk near house plate the a batter have to stay in ~ while batting.


Two teams contend in each softball game. Nine players male the field, while ripe batters struggle in a predetermined order because that each team, recognize as the “batting order” or “lineup.” The players that have protective positions, often referred to as “fielders,” room the very same ones the bat throughout the other fifty percent of the inning. The nine protective positions have the right to be grouped right into two basic categories: infielders and outfielders.


Pitcher: Pitches the sphere from the pitcher’s mound to the catcher.

Catcher: Crouches behind house plate and receives pitches thrown by the pitcher. Additionally receives throws indigenous fielders attempting to make outs at residence plate.

an initial baseman: “Fields,” or defends, balls hit near the first base line. Obtain throws indigenous fielders attempting to make outs at 1st base.

second baseman: fields balls fight near second base. Obtain throws native fielders attempting to do outs at 2nd base. Often connected in a double-play.

third baseman: fields balls hit near the 3rd base line. Receives throw from various other fielders attempting to make outs at third base.

Shortstop: areas balls hit between the second baseman and 3rd baseman. Covers 2nd base once the round is hit to the 2nd baseman.


Three outfielders — left fielder

, center fielder
and right fielder
— effort to catch balls hit right into their section of the outfield. Balls hit to the outfield are normally ground balls or paris balls hit previous the infield.

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Some teams likewise use a designated player the bats because that one fielder and does not play a position on the field. Various other positions include substitute football player who might be introduced, referred to as “pinch hitters” who replace a batter, or “pinch runners” who replace a base runner. Once a player has actually been substituted, she might not return.