The most simple answer to the inquiry of how countless pounds in a ton? There room 2000 pounds in a ton.

Still feeling confused? You"re not alone. But why is the ton a measurement the no one ever quite understands or remembers? This counter is infinite confusing since a ton deserve to refer to 11 different forms the measurement.

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In this article, I’ll explain exactly what a ton is, what it measures, and also how to transform tons to pounds. I"ll get in the differences in between a ton, a metric ton, and several other kinds that tons. And finally, I"ll offer you a brief history of this often mixed up and misused unit that measurement.

The Basics: what’s a Ton? exactly how Do You convert Tons to Pounds?

First things first: below are the most basic facts you should know around tons.

If you live in the US, then once you conference a recommendation to a ton, you"re looking at a measure of mass. The counter for lots to pounds and pounds to loads are below:

1 ton = 2000 pounds

1 lb = 1/2000 of a ton

But what if you destruction a little deeper right into this unit? Let’s check out some various other kinds that tons around the world.

What’s the Difference between a brief Ton, a lengthy Ton, and also a Tonne (Metric Ton)?

One the the factors the ton is together a confounding measure is that there are actually three various kinds of lots in use approximately the world.

Short Ton

The unified States has actually never adopted the metric mechanism for measure up things. Instead, our country uses a system dubbed customary units. To measure up mass, this device uses pounds and ounces as well as the lots I defined in the ahead section.

The united state ton is dubbed a quick ton. 1 short ton is 2000 pounds.

Long Ton

The unified Kingdom offers a mix that the metric system and also the older royal system because that its measurements. This method that they measure up mass periodically in kilograms and other time in units referred to as stones.

The ton that is supplied in royal measures is a small heavier than the united state one, for this reason the UK ton is dubbed a lengthy ton. 1 lengthy ton is 2240 pounds.

Tonne (or Metric Ton)

Most other countries have by this point completely adopted the metric system, and use grams and also kilograms to measure up mass.

The metric ton is never officially dubbed a metric ton, and also is instead referred to as a tonne (pronounced just like the indigenous “ton”). 1 tonne is 1000 kilograms, or 2,204.6 pounds.

Short Ton, lengthy Ton, and Tonne Conversions

1 quick ton = 0.89 long loads = .9 tonnes = 2000 pounds = 907 kilograms

1 long ton = 1.12 brief tons = 1.01 tonnes = 2240 pounds = 1016 kilograms

1 tonne = 0.98 long lots = 1.1 quick tons = 2204 pounds = 1000 kilograms

So, in order from lightest to heaviest, the goes: 1 brief ton

The word "ton" originally originates from a measurement of volume referred to as a “tun”—basically a very big wine-making cask. And also you"re right—this does, in fact, average that originally a ton to be a measurement of volume fairly than mass! Eventually, that was identified that a tun might hold around 2000 pounds worth of wine, and also the term "ton" developed to define this weight.

The quick ton and long ton dimensions diverged once this wine-making measurement to be standardized. In the US and the UK, the ton was characterized as 20 hundredweights (another unit the mass). But, when in the us 1 hundredweight = 100 pounds, in the UK 1 hundredweight = 8 stones. Since 1 stone = 14 pounds, the UK hundredweight = 112 pounds.


The us took the road less traveled—and that has made all the difference. At the very least as far as short tons space concerned.

What other Kinds of loads Are There?

In enhancement to the three varieties of lots above, there are numerous other kinds of lots that are used to describe a wide range of measurements. These less common tons are generally quite specialized, definition you"re i can not qualify to encounter them in her day come day life.

Still, the diversity of usage definitely helps define why words ton is typically so confusing. Together we go v the various other kinds of tons, notice how sometimes the ton is supplied to measure up mass, sometimes to measure volume, and sometimes it"s not a measurement in ~ all—but rather a typical quantity!

Tons in the Ocean

At sea, tons commonly have to perform with measure up ships—and in this context, tons are usually a way to to express volume quite than mass.

Deadweight Ton. A volume measurement of a ship"s delivering capacity, consisting of cargo, ballast, crew, and also supplies. It is to express in tonnes or lengthy tons.

Register Ton (or Tonnage). A volume measure of a ship’s cargo capacity. Tonnage no the exact same thing together the load of a ship (called “displacement”).

Ton Class. A volume measurement the categorizes types of yachts based upon the capacity of the hold.

Displacement Ton. A measurement of the load of a ship. It’s called “displacement” due to the fact that you calculate it by measuring the volume the water the a ship displaces, and also then convert this volume right into weight.

Tons in the Ground

One of the uses of "ton" together a standard amount rather than a measure happens through ore. Inspect out the "assay ton" to view that a ton have the right to sometimes average a very small amount of something!

Dry Ton (or Tonne). A measure up of mass offered for product that’s normally wet but has to be dried for transportation (think sludge, slurry, or compost, for example).

Assay Ton. This is not a unit that measurement, yet is constantly either 29 1⁄6 grams (short assay ton) or 32 2⁄3 grams (long assay ton)—much lighter 보다 a pound! This lot is the standard amount of ore essential for testing the ores of valuable metals.

Tons that Energy

Here, the ton is so gotten rid of from its original definition that it"s supplied to measure energy output in the same method that units favor the joule or the calorie do.

Ton of TNT. This kind of ton is not a measurement of volume or mass, yet instead, a details amount that energy—109 calories (about 4.184 gigajoules)—generally used to explain nuclear tools or earthquakes. This energy unit hasn"t had anything to carry out with the actual chemical TNT for a long time.

Tonne of Oil Equivalent. one more standard energy value, based on the lot of power released by burning one tonne of crude oil oil. The very comparable "tonne of coal equivalent" is the amount of energy released by burn one tonne the coal.

Tons the Cold

Ton the Refrigeration. This is a measure of warm absorption offered for refrigeration and air conditioning, and also comes native the days as soon as cooling was achieved only with ice. 1 unit ton of mechanical refrigeration is the capacity to satisfy the usage of 1 ton of ice in 1 day.


That"s a good-looking ton of ship.

So, Really, How numerous Pounds in a Ton?

All you really need to know is that in the US, a ton procedures mass and also is the very same as 2000 pounds.

It helps to have a general sense that the US brief ton, the UK long ton, and also the metric ton room slight sport on the same measurement.

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To it is in a ton superstar, you should remember the the ton started as a measure of volume and is still provided that method about ships.