Hershey’s coco is the world best-selling candy bar. Human being love this coco for its delicious taste and also consistency. When you view the iconic wrapper, you understand it’s around to be a great day.

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If you ended on this page, you probably want to know how plenty of squares space in a Hershey’s cacao Bar?

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The segments in a Hershey bar space all the same, regardless of size of the cacao bar (except the miniature).

One bar deserve to be broken into 12 pieces.

Chocolate Bar SizeNumber that Segments
Hershey’s standard Bar (1.55 oz)12
Hershey’s XL Bar (7oz)12
Hershey’s Miniatures1

This segment of the Hershey liquid bars serves a helpful function, as it enables the the customer to break the candy bar into smaller piece for consumption.

What room the Hershey Bar Squares Called?

For those of you who room curious, the Hershey chocolate bar segments have actually a name. Top top the main Hershey’s facebook page, they explained that one segment is referred to as a “pip”.

How plenty of Calories room in a Square the Hershey’s Chocolate?

For the Hershey’s traditional milk chocolate, there room 18 calorie in each segment.

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If you want a visual as to how numerous segments room in a Hershey’s chocolate bar, check out the video clip below.


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