Hi I just wanted to understand , go God pardon you if you save making the same mistake in a specific area of your life . You want to protect against and change but you just keep failing , if though my heart is in the create place yet my actions room doing another when it involves the crunch. Repeating the very same sin over and over again , is that making a mokery of God and also his word.

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- J

Hi J

Many Christians discover that they do the exact same mistake repeatedly. This is particularly so if you have years of negative habits come overcome. So remainder assured, you are not alone in this struggle.

The apostle Paul writes about the struggle in between a psychic which desires to offer God and also a sinful nature which simply keeps top top sinning. And he writes the Jesus Christ delivers that from this human body of fatality (Romans 7, esp vv 24-25). So Jesus’ blood is quite powerful enough to to wash away ALL her sin, even repeated sins. You are NEVER beyond forgiveness.

But you should repent sincerely. The idea the God can not be mocked (Galatians 6:7) basically way that God sees ideal through someone who is not repenting sincerely. SOMETIMES, repeated sin have the right to be an indication that the human hasn’t yes, really repented, and also is only saying that they repent. God is no fooled by that.

Repeated sin is a authorize that you have actually a certain weakness come that kind of temptation - and I think that us all have it to differing degrees. For some it may be anger, for others it may be jealousy. That you continue to sin in the same way should suggest to you that you have to work specifically hard in the area tnot to sin.

So pray the God will aid you get over the sin, and also then take valuable steps to avoid it. Shot to work out what situations, decisions, tasks or friends lead you right into this sin, and then take steps to protect against them. That means you won’t even get close come it. That is a an excellent idea to tell a Christian friend about the sin therefore they have the right to pray v you and encourage you. That would certainly obviously should be who you can trust to save it confidential. And also if you autumn into sin, turn earlier to God and also ask for forgiveness and also then keep trying - remembering that a day will come when it will certainly no much longer be a problem.

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SO, IN SHORT, God is constantly ready to forgive, yet we need to never acquire complacent about sin and think it doesn’t matter. Fairly we do whatever we have the right to to avoid temptation and resolve sin when it happens.