Sincethe Passover of the Jews was near, Jesus went as much as Jerusalem. He found in thetemple area those who marketed oxen, sheep, and doves, and the moneychangers sit there. That made a whip out of cords and also drove lock all the end ofthe temple area.

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We all know of the story ofJesus cleansing the Temple, as soon as he casts out those selling animals andoverturns the tables the the money-changers. We all recognize that this occurred inthe final week that his life (in fact, the job after Palm Sunday), and also that thiswas the event which set the Jewish authorities wholly versus our Savior.
What we could not all recognize isthat this is not the cleansing the the temple which we heard around in this pastSunday’s Gospel. The sequence from the Gospel of St. Man tells that the firstcleansing of the holy place which occurred very early in our Savior’s publicministry – two full years before his death.
That our Savior cleansed theTemple on 2 occasions is clear from the bibles themselves. John documents acleansing early in our Lord’s ministry, just in the 2nd chapter of hisGospel. Matthew, Mark, and Luke all record a cleansing which occurs in the lastweek the Jesus’ life top top earth.
Could it it is in that man is simplyre-arranging the material? Is it just a literary device? No. The synopticwriters (i.e. Matthew, Mark, and Luke) all record that the Jews compliment Jesus astheir king, but the scene is quite different in John. The lover Disciple’saccount the the an initial Temple cleansing states that it to be only simply at thismoment that many began to think in Jesus (cf. Man 2:23).
In John’s Gospel, our Savior isstill just just beginning his ministry, he is no being hailed with Hosanna, nor space the Jewish authoritiesafraid of the crowds – but this is the whole setting for the holy place cleansingrecorded in the synoptics.
Further, what the Jews to speak andwhat Jesus responds is different in john from the synoptics. In John, the Jewsask him because that a sign for this; and Jesus responds destroy this Temple and in three days I will certainly raise the up. However,in the synoptics (especially Matthew 21:16), the Pharisees specificallychallenge Jesus for enabling the crowd to hail him as a king.
Finally, Jesus’ words incleansing the temple are diverse in john from the synoptics. For, in John, ourSavior says, take these points hence, andmake no the home of my dad a residence of traffic. But, in the synoptics, that is written, My residence shall be referred to as thehouse of prayer; however you have actually made the a den the thieves. (Matthew 21:13)
In any case, the Church Fathersand Scholastic Doctors thought that there were two temple cleansings. Mostnotably, we describe the government of Chrysostom, Augustine, and Cornelius a’Lapide.

St. John records three Passoverfeasts throughout Jesus’ windy ministry. Indigenous this, the is clear that our Savior’spublic life (from his baptism to his Crucifixion) extended around two and also a halfyears.
Near the time of the secondPassover, man 6:4ff. – Jesus (in Galilee) feeds the five thousand v fiveloaves, walks on water, gives the Bread of Life Discourse.
The synoptic Gospels, however,only document a solitary Passover. In fact, Matthew, Mark, and also Luke only record thefinal year that Jesus’ publicly ministry.
After offering the account ofJesus’ baptism by man in the Jordan, these writers jump ahead to the periodafter John’s arrest – though, it is clear from the Gospel the St. John, theBaptist was not arrested until over a year after the baptism.
It is clear that significanttime must have passed in between our Savior’s baptism and also John’s arrest becauseSt. Man the Evangelist records a number of far-ranging events (including the weddingat Cana, the cleansing the the Temple, the discourse through Nicodemus, etc.) whichoccurred during this period. Further, there to be a time when John and hisdisciples were baptizing and Jesus and also his practical worker were likewise baptizing (thatis, the disciples to be baptizing in his Name) – consider John 3:22-25
Afterthese points Jesus and also his disciples came right into the floor of Judea: and there heabode v them, and also baptized. And John likewise was baptizing in Ennon near Salim;because over there was lot water there; and also they came and were baptized. For man was no yet actors into prison. Andthere occurred a question in between some that John"s disciples and the Jews concerningpurification:
It was just after john theBaptist was arrested the Jesus started to speak to his Apostles. Hence, Peter andAndrew (as well as John) were dubbed at the very least twice through Christ – when in first year, when they to be still with John the Baptist (cf. Man 1:36ff.); anda 2nd time once they were went back to Galilee and in their fishing boats(cf. Matthew 4:18ff.).
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