Yu-Gi-Oh!: 8 time Yugi Should've Lost yet Won Yugi is the protagonist of the Yu-Gi-Oh anime for this reason of food he wins 99% that his duels. Yet which need to he have lost & won due to the fact that of cheating?

In Yu-Gi-Oh rule-breaking is as usual as a Monster Reborn card in a deck. Almost every rogue on the present does it and also we"re no surprised by them. However, one would expect much better from the noble hero the the show; Yugi Muto.

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As many know, Yugi has actually only one legit loss top top his document which was to Raphael in season 4. However, over there was several times transparent the collection where that logically should have lost the duel but since of the vagueness of the rules and also sometimes just outright cheating, our protagonist won the match. Let"s look at 8 time Yugi should have lost however won instead.

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YuGiOh Panik
The most intimidating the Pegasus" Eliminators, Panik faced our hero during Duelist Kingdom and also was handle a pilgrimage to the Shadow kingdom for his efforts. Yet all indications, Panik appeared to have actually a an excellent strategy that taking down Yugi with shadow creatures that can assault from the darkness and also retreat back.

But leaving it to Yugi to discover a method around this. Due to the fact that Panik supplied the map "Yellow Luster Shield" to boost his monsters" defense points and also bundle castle in one area that the field, Yugi supplied his Catapult tortoise to launch a monster and also destroy Panik"s lock Of Dark Illusions" floatation ring. The castle would fall, crushing all of Panik"s monster to victory the match for Yugi. Just one more non-sensical work in Duelist Kingdom.

prior to Dark next Of Dimensions, the only Yu-Gi-Oh movie west audiences would gain is Pyramid the Light. Prefer the latter film, this movie to be highlighted by a rematch in between Seto Kaiba and also Yugi. Yet unlike in Dark side Of Dimensions, this complement had a decisive winner. Too poor it to be the dorn duelist.

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When Kaiba summons his newest monster Blue-Eyes bright Dragon, he mentions how his creature gains 300 strike points for every dragon in his graveyard. By our math, this method the monster"s attack would it is in 4800 and also not 4500 as he had 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragons, Paladin of White Dragon, Blue-Eyes can be fried Dragon and also Rare metal Dragon in his GY. That supposed his assault on Yugi"s Sorcerer the Dark Magic would have actually won the enhance for him. Possibly Kaiba fudged the rules due to the fact that he wanted his "perfect victory" by using Yugi"s God Cards against him?

Still one of the most powerful duelists ever before seen top top the show, Seeker the the rare Hunters own three copies of every piece of Exodia and also had monster loaded through high defense come stop opponents from acquiring to his life points. He beat Joey Wheeler and had Yugi dead come rights but Yugi just up and also broke the rule to conserve his hide.

Just together Seeker was about to attract the last Exodia map he necessary to success the game, Yugi triggered the catch card Lightforce Sword... Native his hand. As also novices know, catch cards must first be collection on the field and also can just be caused on her opponent"s following turn ~ they draw a card. Well we"ll call this even we suppose due to the fact that Seeker himself was cheating anyway.

5 Mako Tsunami

Ah yes below it is. The infamous moment that was for this reason iconic in the fandom the Konami make a map lampooning the event. For those that saw the card without discovering its context, let us explain.

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During a duel matches Mako Tsunami, Yugi found himself at a loss against the Water deck that Mako who had decreased Yugi under to a single landmass field zone. Yugi climate played his gigantic Soldier Of stone who climate proceeded to attack a spell map of his own, Mystical Moon. Currently not only have the right to you not strike spell cards v monsters, but the destruction of the moon caused the s tide come recede and also dried up all of Mako"s monster leaving them easy prey because that an assault from Curse of Dragon.

If us were to ask any kind of normal people whether or not you can get any greater than infinity in mathematics. However because the Pharaoh didn"t seem to major in the subject, the just determined to up and break it throughout his duel versus Dartz in season 4.

Faced off against Dartz"s magnificent Serpent"s infinite attack points, Yugi made use of a convoluted combination of the legend Knights, mirror Force and also Attack Guidance barrier to reflect and also multiply an strike to infinite assault points. But as the was walk on, he additionally fused together Knight of Destiny that is and we quote indigenous Yami Yugi here, "a power past infinity". What deserve to you even say to that?

3 Pegasus (Kuriboh Attacks)

most likely the kookiest duelist he ever before faced, Yugi combated Pegasus in the Duelist Kingdom finals come rescue the souls that the Kaiba brothers and also his own grandfather With so much on the line, you know he to be going to pull something the end of his target to victory the game if needed.

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And that need came close to the end of the enhance when Pegasus summoned his Thousand-Eyes Restrict which seemed collection to paralyze and also absorb all of Yugi"s monsters including his multiply Kuribohs. However, the Kuribohs every one of a sudden have actually the ability to me destruct on contact with the foe which blinds and also renders useless Pegasus" ace monster. We suppose that since Pegasus doesn"t protest this regardless of being the creator that Duel monster that us can"t obtain too wound up about it.

also though fans would have to wait a couple of more illustration in season 1 to gain a suitable rematch between Yugi and also Kaiba, we got a little tease of the in this enhance as one imposter supplied Kaiba"s stolen deck versus Yugi. However, Yugi would only win the match because of some outside interference.

Experiencing a adjust of love after his mental crush, Kaiba was established to assist Yugi in his duel however he could. First off, he tried uploading a computer virus right into a Blue-Eyes White Dragon"s data which led to its strike points to drop. Yet that wasn"t working quick enough and also through slim willpower (we guess) Kaiba destroyed the monster bald from miles away. If the strike had unable to do off, we"d have seen Yugi removed from Duelist Kingdom.

We guess: v this man didn"t stand a GHOST that a chance against the King that Games.

1 Arkana

In fight City, Yugi confronted off versus the only other wielder the the Dark Magician in the franchise to determine who was the true grasp of the card. Seeing as exactly how Arkana developed his entirety deck roughly the card and would have won the complement if no for some rule-breaking, we"d have to speak to the rare Hunter the true wonder master.

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However that"s not just how it went down. When Arkana offered his Dark Magic Curtain come summon Dark Magician native his deck, Yugi stated that the map also allowed him to summon a Dark Magician of his own... Which that doesn"t for this reason strike one. But also, Yugi played Dark Magician Girl i beg your pardon is not the exact same thing. For this reason in conclusion, that teenage boy have to have had actually legs reduced off err we median be sent to the Shadow kingdom via "dark power disk".