Rice cooker or rice steamer makes it basic to chef rice. The is one automated device that cooks rice making use of electricity. Contemporary electric rice cookers space equipped v sensors and an exact heat manage technologies to chef the rice perfectly. The strength consumption and energy consumption of rice cooker can be calculated here. The power usage of rice cookers arrays from 300 watt to 1100 watts. A common rice cooker consumes 400 watts of power.

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Enter the wattage, hrs of usage and cost every kWh. The energy usage calculator because that rice cookers offers you the total energy spend by them. Also, friend can find how lot power does her rice cookers consume use. To examine the existing electricity price per kWh in your region refer come Global electrical power rates. The is necessary to enter the right expense per unit(kWh) to discover the specific price.

Energy consumption of rice cooker and Steamer

Average expression of intake per day (Minutes):
Cost every unit*:(Global electricity rates)
Electricity intake per day:
Usage price per day:
Usage expense per month:
Usage expense per year:
*The expense is money independent and same the of cost per unit input given.

Terms and also definitions:


Power usage of maker in watt as mentioned in the brand of the lamp.

Cost every unit:

The average expense per unit fee by the electrical utility. Every country has different tariff rates. Visit: global Electricity prices because that details if you don’t know exactly how much the utility company charges you every unit or kWH.

Units every day:

The number of units of electrical power consumed by the load every work considering the gone into operation hours.

The electricity consumption depends ~ above the wattage, number of hours of usage. The utility firm charges you because that the total variety of kilo-watt-hour of energy you have consumed. Kilowatt-hour is the product of power intake of the load and the number of hours the usage.

Power intake of rice cooker

A usual rice cooker consumes 0.4 kWh of energy per hour. That method an hour of consumption can price you 0.048 cents.

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The working principle the an electrical rice cooker is comparable to the of one induction cooktop. One induction coil is existing beneath the rice vessel. Once powered increase it produce an alternative magnetic field. This alternative magnetic ar induces eddy existing in the vessel and also the courage heats up as result of its inner resistance come the circulation of eddy currents.

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