Apron Color:BlackBlueGreenOtherRedWhiteYellow
Canvas Color:Grey (Reg. Weight)Heavy BlackHeavy BrownHeavy GreenHeavy GreyHeavy NavyHeavy Off-WhiteHeavy RedHeavy imperial Blue
Ring Package:Deluxe
Ring Rope Color:Black
Turnbuckle color 1:BlackBlueRedWhiteYellow
Turnbuckle color 2:BlackBlueNoneRedWhiteYellow
Turnbuckle shade 3:BlackBlueNoneRedWhiteYellow
Wood Flooring:No WoodAdd wood (Add $1000.00)
Ring Post:

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Shipping is calculated by mileage to your location, it will certainly not show up when you inspect out, yet we will contact you with specific shipping expenses after friend submit her order. Use the shipping estimator below to get a turbulent estimate that shipping costs.

Shipping Estimator
Due come the size and also weight, rings rings call for a an individual delivery or freight service.

We quote $2/mile (From Charlotte, NC to her location) to reflect the maximum expense of delivery. If you space flexible v a distribution time, we usually deserve to work something the end that lowers that cost.

SPECIAL gaue won OFFER: for a limited time, you have the right to purchase a ring with 50% financing.

DETAILS: You salary 50% of the ring price up front and the distribution fee. The staying 50% can be financed over a 12 month period at 7% interest. Shipment fees and also wood cannot be financed.

Want the very best? You"ve discovered it! our 16" deluxe Ring brings you every little thing you require in a high quality wrestling ring. This is a complete package that has all vital parts to set it up best away. Ring are generally ready for shipment within 7-days.

NEW features FOR every RINGS

Industrial paint and also two coats of primer for interior partsMarkings on the overcome member beams because that rotating them between eventsAll corner posts are capped, including square postsAll rings incorporate eyelets for under ring overcome cables (cables marketed separately)


All stole interlocking structure Corner short articles are constructed with4-inch square steel tubes,8-feet tall (can it is in made shorter if requested) 2"x2" stole side rails with 1/8" walls, 14" tall Ground come floor height: approx. 37-inches framework is built with 4-inch square steel tubes all bars space interchangable expert padding extending the ring floorCanvas & Skirting make from heavy canvas product in miscellaneous colors Turnbuckle pads room made from same material & very same colors and also can be combined as preferred approx. 54-inches from canvas to height rope 1/2-inch x6-inchturnbuckles, 2-inch hole in hooks

Flooring is 21 2x10x16 board (you can select to addwood because that an additionalprice)

Special Features: No under cables needed, so girlfriend don"t rubbish hours setup up and lining up her ring. All piece are fully interchangeable, there is no component 1, component 2.... Our frames are built different 보다 anybody else the sells wrestles rings and also claims they construct them in the same exact fashion, please perform not to compare them as similar. We never buy or use scraps/cutoffs, we only use an initial quality steel, we use steel with appropriate thickness/guage to hold the to plan stress, and all job is excellent by a certifiable welder.

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SPECIAL BONUS OFFERAdd Ring Stairs through your rings Ring purchase! These market for $399 if ordered independently from a rings Ring order!!! gain yours because that half-price now!!!These are contructed of steel & wood constructed to make entry into the ring easier and safer.