What is the one point we can’t see, we can’t smell, or touch, yet its weight is still hefty over us?

It’s clear, odorless and also colorless and also consists of different gases, including nitrogen (78%), oxygen (21%), argon, carbon dioxide, and other little traces that other varieties of gases and also aerosols. This substance is air.

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Air describes the Earth’s atmosphere, which is around 300 mile thick and weighs 5 quadrillion tons. Air has actually mass, and anything with mass has weight. Air is a irradiate substance, and also 1 cubic foot of wait is estimated to sweet 0.0807 pounds.

To the nude eye, one would certainly wonder if air even exists. Not only does it exist, we’ll list the 3 factors why air is difficult to ignore:

Air is EverywhereAir is EverythingAir is ever Changing

Air – girlfriend Can’t Leave residence Without It

We need to never underestimate the worth of this substance called air. Though it may be invisible to the eye, its source is the toughness to so much that we organize as far-ranging in our lives. These space the reasons why rather we realize it or not, we can never overlook air.

1. Wait is Everywhere


Even ~ above a still day, the surrounding air is always moving. Wind is moving air, and also this causes a kind of weather. The quicker the waiting moves, the an ext windy the weather becomes. The faster gust that wind ever before recorded on earth was 253 miles every hour.

Also, when it’s hot and muggy outside, we suffer humidity. Relative humidity is the amount of water that the air have the right to hold prior to it rains. Relative humidity is most regularly measured in percentages, therefore the greatest level the humidity right before it rains, is 100 percent.

Air also plays a part in the formation of precipitation, which is a particle of water that deserve to be either fluid or a solid, the originates in the atmosphere and falls to the ground. Those forms of precipitation incorporate rain, snow, graupel, sleet, hail, and freezing rain, and also depends top top the temperature the the air.

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While rain can loss in any kind of season, the temperature will be over freezing (32 F). The other develops of precipitation will certainly take place when the temperature is below freezing.