Daphne Nur Oz, famous as Daphne Oz is one American author and also television host. The stunning co-host of the ABC’s The Chew, Daphne has a successful media career and also a net Worth the $12 million.

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Daphne lives a lavish and luxurious way of life with she children and husband. Oz and she now-husband, John Jovanovic, dated because that a pair of years before deciding come walk under the aisle.

Besides that, the beloved duo has actually three beloved children- Domenica Celine, Philomena “Philo” Bijou and also Jovan Jovanovic. The young youngsters are seven months, 4 years old and two years old respectively. However, the mother has actually successfully balanced her expert and personal life.

Daphne’s network Worth and also Earnings

The 31-year-old talk present host resides a luxurious and also lavish way of life earned from her profession. Daphne has not just minimal herself to be a successful talk display host. Moreover, the gorgeous author is also a successful author and runs fitness load loss programs.

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according to Celebrity network Worth, she has garnered a vast net precious of $12 million together of 2018. Daphne has countless luxurious cars and also lives in an expensive mansion. Moreover, the gorgeous actress has many upscale assets to her name.

Furthermore, the gorgeous symbol has listed her Manhattan apartment because that $2.5 million. Oz purchase the apartment in 2014 because that $1.625 million. The luxurious apartment has actually a combined three units.


Daphne’s publication tours include in her earnings and net worth.Image source: Daphne Oz/Instagram

Besides that, she striking network worth is likewise contributed by promotions from miscellaneous publications such as The new York Times, teen Vogue, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post and many more.

Salary and Earnings from ‘The Chew’

Oz’s father was uncovered by Oprah Winfrey and also that is just how Daphne got chosen because that the function in ‘The Chew’. Daphne earns a hefty value from the show.


Daphne and also husband, john Jovanovic, have three children.Image source: Daphne Oz/Instagram

Although the exact salary has not to be disclosed, the salary of the product developer and also team member indigenous the display is $65000 and $70000 annually.

Moreover, Daphne has published one of the new York time Bestselling book- Relish: an Adventure in Food, Style and also Everyday Fun. The Kindle execution is $11.74. Likewise, the successful writer has released various books like The Happy chef ($19.99), The Dorm Diet ($9.74), and also so on.


Daphne is one of the five co-hosts in the display ‘The Chew’.

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Image source: Daphne Oz/Instagram 

Besides that, she own a website displaying she details; books, videos, The Chew show, and so on.