The price Of Owning A Rat

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When girlfriend think that rats you can think of them as uncleanly, yet that no necessarily the case. Together pets, rats space actually smart, friendly, and also can be an extremely affectionate.

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Caring because that a pet rat no complicated, however you do require to have actually the appropriate cage and accessories.

The typical pet rat grow 9 come 11 customs long and lives as much as 3 years. The crucial to keeping your rat healthy and happy is to feed him a high-quality diet and to make sure his other demands are met. This has their requirements for human companionship and exercise.

Purchasing a pets rat might only price you a few dollars, but there are other costs to consider. Prior to you bring home your new pet, friend should already have his cage set up and also some idea of annual costs.

Here’s what you should know about how lot it expenses to purchase a pets rat and also to save him.

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Bringing home A brand-new Rat – One-time Costs


If you’ve currently considered a rat as a pet, you’re more than likely happy to check out that they are affordably priced. Girlfriend shouldn’t need to spend an ext than $10 for a small to medium-sized rat at a pet store.

Before you purchase a pet rat, however, you have to think about the extr costs.

Your rat is walk to require a cage, an practice wheel, food bowls, and also more. It’s additionally important come think about other initial costs like a vet visit, vaccinations, and spay/neuter surgery. These prices aren’t compelled for every pet, but it’s precious thinking around them as component of her decision.

Here’s what you must know about one-time prices for pet rats:

Buying A pet Rat

Rats space pretty easy pets to find yet you may want to be careful where friend shop.

Rat price Estimates

SourceAverage price (Low)Average expense (High)
Pet Store$5$12
Breeder$10 (single)$40 (per pair)

You can find pet rats at the pets store reasonably easily, but not all rats are intended to be preserved as pet – some space bred together feeder pets for snakes and other reptiles. There might not be lot of a distinction in the types or each other of rat, yet there could be distinctions in the way the rats are raised.

Rats space intelligent and friendly creatures, yet they need proper care and also attention to develop and also maintain a hopeful relationship with people. If you desire a pet rat that has actually been correctly socialized, think about adopting a rescue or buying straight from a breeder.

Purchasing a rat from a pets store may be the most inexpensive option, yet you most likely won’t understand where the rat come from. Your options for coloring may be minimal as well.

Generally speaking, a pet rat will cost you around $10. Pet stores often sell your rats follow to size. If friend buy straight from a breeder, you might only have actually the alternative to to buy in pairs.

Supplies and Setup

Many civilization purchase young rats together pets, not realizing that they can actually flourish quite large. A full-grown rat have the right to reach 9 to 11 inch in length.

Rat Supplies and Setup

Cost TypeAverage cost (Low)Average cost (High)
Cage Supplies$15$30
Initial Food and also Bedding$15$25
Spay/Neuter Cost$50$100
Initial Vet Visit/Vaccinations$30$40
Total = $160 come $345

In addition to your size, you have to remember as well that rats are social creatures that have tendency to do best in pairs or little groups. This gift the case, you require to find the ideal rat cage that is large enough come accommodate more than one pet.

When it come to picking a rat cage, remember the rats room rodents and also they have a surprising capability to escape through very little spaces. If you select a wire cage, make certain the bars room spaced no more than ½-inch personal to protect against escape – it likewise keeps your rat from acquiring his head stuck.

The size and durability of your rat cage is extremely important, so don’t buy miscellaneous cheap. Friend should arrangement to spend $50 to $150 ~ above a high-quality, spacious rat cage because that a pair or trio the rats.

In addition to her rat’s cage, you will do it need specific supplies.

A multi-tier rat cage will administer some exercise v climbing, but you have to also provide an exercise wheel. Give your rats several places to hide and tunnels come explore and also areas come dig.

Other supplies you’ll need to obtain started with a pet rat incorporate an assortment that toys, food bowls, water bottles, food, and bedding.

On height of this cage setup costs, think about your rat’s very first vet visit as well. The typical vet visit is about $35 for a tiny pet and you i will not ~ need any kind of vaccinations.

If you plant o have actually your rat spayed or neutered, plan secondary $50 come $100 because that that.

Cost of Rat property – yearly Expense Breakdown

Once you’ve collected all the crucial supplies for your rat, it’s time to collection up his cage. That a great idea to gain everything collection up prior to you carry your rat home, for this reason he doesn’t have to stay in package or carrier much longer than necessary.

After placing your rat in his brand-new home, provide him part time to change before you try interacting with him. He’ll require time to obtain used come his brand-new surroundings.

As you’re prepare to head come the pet store or shelter to pick up your rat, execute a final run-through of her expected annual costs just to be sure you can handle the commitment. If you’re not sure, that never harms to wait a small longer to conserve up an emergency fund.

Be certain to think around recurring expenses including yearly vet visits, occasional treatments for things prefer mites and also infections, and also monthly necessities prefer food and bedding.

Here’s what you must know around annual expenses for pet rats:

yearly Medical Expenses


If you already bring your dog or cat come the vet, you most likely haven’t watched too many rats in the wait room. Continual veterinary treatment is simply as crucial for tiny pets choose rats, however.

With a healthy and balanced diet and proper care, her pet rat can live 5 years or more. The best means to protect your pet’s wellness is to know some the the conditions to which he might be prone and also keep one eye the end for the symptoms that might develop.

Here are several of the usual health problems known to influence rats:

Respiratory diseaseMites or fleasTumorsFungal or bacterial infectionObesity

An annual vet visit is recommended for pet rats, however you won’t require vaccinations. Rats have tendency to be pretty hardy, but they can suffer from respiratory problems if your cage isn’t kept clean and well-ventilated. A nutritious diet is likewise essential for great health.

As you think about the cost to keep your rat healthy, you might be considering pet insurance.

Pet insurance money is a an excellent option because that pets with constant veterinary prices like multiple access time a year and also vaccinations. Her rat yes, really only demands one exam per year and the cost of treating the sometimes health problem is i can not qualify to do it precious the price to salary a monthly premium.

Rather than spending money top top rat insurance, take what you would certainly pay each month for your premium and put it far in savings to save in instance of emergency.

Estimated Medical costs for Rats

Cost TypeFrequencyAverage Cost
Veterinary CheckupAnnual$35
Dental CleaningN/AN/A
Flea, Tick, and Worm TreatmentsOccasional$15
Emergency ExpensesOccasional$100 and also up

Food and also Supplies


The main expense linked with maintaining a pet rat is feeding it and keeping that cage clean.

Rats are relatively small, so they nothing eat a many food at once. It’s important, however, to choose a high-quality, nutritionally well balanced pellet to carry out for your pet’s needs. Treats favor fruits, vegetables, and whole grains have the right to be offered occasionally together well.

Bedding helps cushion your rat’s fragile feet and also it absorbs fluid waste. Great bedding helps reduce odor and keeps her rat’s cage comfortable in between cleanings.

You should arrangement to clean your rat’s cage about once a week and also replace the bedding. Change toys and also other accessories as needed. Be sure to use pet-safe cleaner top top everything and also let any wet surface dry before you add the bedding back to the cage.

Food and also Supply prices for Rats

Cost TypeFrequencyAverage Cost
Food and also TreatsMonthly$10
Additional SuppliesMonthly$5
Total = $30

Total annual Cost of Owning A Rat


Just since rats are inexpensive pets come purchase compared to countless others, the doesn’t typical they are cheap. Your rat demands a top quality cage v a certain lid, an practice wheel, and plenty of playthings to store him occupied.

In enhancement to this costs, he’ll also need a steady supply that food and bedding as well as routine vet care. The costs may include up gradually to an ext than friend expect.

Here’s a quick review of the estimated yearly cost for keeping a rat:

Purchasing/Adopting = $5 come $40 (single or pair)Cage and also Setup = $160 come $345Annual veterinary Costs = $35 (exam only)Monthly Food and Supplies = $30

The cost to store a pets rat will differ depending whereby you acquire your rat, how plenty of you keep, and what cage and supplies friend choose. You shouldn’t carry home a pet rat uneven you’re ready to take care of him properly.

Don’t skimp once it pertains to the cage or essentials!

Your rat deserves the best feasible care you can provide him, so carry out your research and also wait till you’ve saved sufficient money to care for your brand-new pet properly.


How much does a rat cost?

Pet rats are fairly inexpensive, despite prices may vary indigenous one source to another. Pets stores frequently sell rats in various size teams with little rats priced about $5 and huge rats priced up to $15. Fostering rates for rats are around $10 and also breeders regularly sell their rats in pairs for $20 come $40.

How much does it expense to neuter/spay a rat?

Rats space prolific breeders, for this reason if girlfriend don’t save rats of a single sex you’re likely to finish up with a litter of infant rats. It costs around $50 come $100 to spay or neuter a rat. If you’re adopting indigenous a shelter, the procedure might have currently been done.

How lot does a rat vet checkup cost?

The average expense for a vet visit for your rat is $35. You may need to uncover an exotics vet or one acquainted with tiny animals, for this reason the cost could it is in higher.

How much does it expense to microchip a rat?

The average expense to have a pet microchipped is about $45 and it is a one-time fee. There’s little point in having actually a rat microchipped, however.

How much does rat food cost?

Your rat deserves a high-quality, nutritionally well balanced pellet i m sorry costs about $10 per month. Remember, the more rats you save the greater your food prices will be.

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How lot does a rat cage cost?

Rats are clever, therefore it’s worth the investment to to buy a cage made with sturdy materials – you have to think about the size as well. Plan to invest $50 to $150 top top a large, heavy-duty rat cage.