2 years and under$8.99
Frequent Jumper Cards**$99.00
Holiday Pricing$14.99

**The constant Jumper card is a 10 punch pass worth 10 walk-in play admissions. You have the right to purchase a frequent Jumper card from your neighborhood Monkey Joe"s location. This map cannot be used for groups and can just be redeemed at the location it to be purchased from.**

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Party Suite because that 2 hours countless Playtime for all kids Monkey Joe’s themed plates, napkins, and also souvenir cup per son
devoted Party host that walk all set up, serving, and also clean up Invitations for your guests * birthday gift for the birthday child

Includes all of the above items PLUS:

exclude, visit native Monkey Joe 1 slice of pizza per kid 1 fractional beverage in a souvenir cup per child

Includes all Jungle endure items PLUS:

A balloon bouquet 1 ice cream cup per boy 25 game credits per son

Includes every Jungle Experience and Island Excursion items PLUS:

added 25 game credits for birthday boy 1 Monkey Joe water party per son 1 goodie bag per kid

Monkey Joe’s is her Camp Hill date of birth Party Headquarters

Monkey Joe’s birthday parties are full of bouncing, sliding, leaping, jumping funny for youngsters 12 years and younger! Our indoor playground is to fill wall-to-wall with inflatable slides, jumps, and obstacle courses, as well as arcade games, a concession area, and also a decorated exclusive party room!

Choose one of our party packages for a date of birth bash, a team party , or any type of kind that group occasion for approximately 24 kids. If you should accommodate 25 or much more kids, just offer us a call. We'd it is in happy to discuss your event and suggest one of our group options, indigenous fundraisers to exclusive after-hours events.

Want to know the best component of booking a party at Monkey Joe's? speak “so long” to the stress of celebrating! once you publication a party through us, we’ll take treatment of the setup and also cleanup. Our specialized party hosts help to store things top top track, and also we provide drinks and also tableware. Simply sit back, relax, and get her camera ready- this is one birthday party girlfriend won’t desire to forget!Book her party today!Please keep in mind that we enable birthday cakes only with a booked party. Ice cream cream cakes room not enabled and no other food or drink may be carried inside our facility.


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