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In act 1, scene 2, Paris asks mr Capulet for Juliet"s hand in marriage. Though Capulet would certainly obviously see the services of together a match, the feels Juliet is too young to marry. He tells Paris:

My child is however a stranger in the world,

She hath no seen...

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In action 1, scene 2, Paris asks lord Capulet because that Juliet"s hand in marriage. Though Capulet would certainly obviously watch the benefits of such a match, the feels Juliet is as well young come marry. He tells Paris:

My boy is yet a stranger in the world,

She hath not viewed the readjust of fourteen years;

Let two much more summers wither in their pride

Ere we may think her ripe to it is in a bride.

Juliet has not reached that fourteenth year, so this tells us she is thirteen years old. Together for Romeo, over there is no concrete reference in the message to his age. There room vague referrals to his youth, such as the one in act 2, scene 4, where the Nurse asks, "Gentleman, can any kind of of friend tell me whereby I may uncover the young Romeo?" these vague references have actually led countless to put his period somewhere about fifteen or sixteen, though at the very least one source gave him an er as high as early on twenties. Whatever the case, the absence of textual evidence means numbers deserve to only loss in the realm of speculation.As because that the question of marriage, Romeo and also Juliet were undoubtedly married. In action 2, step 5, the Nurse return to Juliet to tell her of Romeo"s intentions. After ~ begging the Nurse for she news, Juliet lastly gets her to speak:

Have you gained leave to walk to shrift to-day?....

Then hie you hence to Friar Laurence’s cell;

There continues to be a husband to make you a wife.

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This scene ends shortly after these lines, and in scene 6 the 2 young lovers fulfill in secret to it is in married through Friar Laurence. The Friar agrees to marry them since he think it might finally end the feud between their families. The reality that Romeo and also Juliet are privately married is what causes Juliet such turmoil as soon as she learns she father has chosen Paris to be her husband. Aside from not wanting come marry who she doesn"t love, marrying a guy when she is already married would be a tomb sin. However, she additionally can"t refuse Paris after her father already agreed come the suit and both of she parents are pushing her right into it. This dilemma is what sends her running ago to the Friar come ask for help, declare she will certainly kill herself if that doesn"t come up with a setup to get her out of marrying Paris. That is in ~ this suggest that the Friar gives Juliet the medicine to do her show up dead. The development of this setup causes the last tragic moments of the play.