This details supports and supplements information included in the Hill design Guidelines—specifically, Chapter V: sections 02475, 02870 and Chapter III: building and construction Staging Areas, Pedestrian and Vehicular Access, Driveways and also Parking.

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This page offers dimensions for every one of the vehicles offered by OWRR and also its contractors. Please call OWRR come verify which vehicles will certainly need accessibility to the business area being designed.

Items which need extra fist include:

vehicle broad (with mirrors) and also length;turning radius;approach*; andoverhead clearance.

* Dumpster and also rolloff trucks must have the ability to make direct call with the containers; hence please take it into factor to consider the truck’s edge of approach when creating pads.

Due come the high amount of pedestrian traffic, care should be required to minimize the distance that drivers of waste handling vehicles (and various other delivery and also service vehicles) need to drive in reverse. Treatment should additionally be bring away to prevent having service vehicles back across walkways or into traffic. A recommendation is the town of Chapel Hill design Manual:1

Dumpster Placement and also Access

“The essential element in locating a dumpster is the ability of the refuse collection auto to safely and efficiently business the container. A turning radii template should be used to guarantee that accessibility can be detailed without unnecessary backing maneuvers. Where refuse collection vehicles will must turn around to departure a breakthrough site, the site setup should be designed so that backing activities do no exceed 100′ in length. In these instances the turn approximately area should be dimensioned making use of a turning radii design template of the ideal scale. In all cases, the suggest site arrangement should be designed so the refuse collection vehicles do not need to ago onto or turn off of any kind of public street or over any public sidewalk.1“

Front-End Loader

Used because that trash and also cardboard dumpsters

Height: 12.5′Wheel Base: 237″ (19.5′)Width: 97″ (8′ 1″)Overhead clearance with deserve to in increased position: 18.5′Turning radius: 46′Turning diameter: 97′Track: 78.6″ (approx. 6’6″)Total size with boom overhang and also arms extended: 41′Total in its entirety length of van (with eight overhang): 37′Truck length without boom: 35′Front overhang: 50″ (4’2″)Fork length: 4′Boom arms front of bumper overhang: 24″Empty scale weight: 40,400 poundsTotal gross automobile weight: 75,020 pounds (the preferably without gift over load limits)Front axle weight: 18,000 poundsEmpty trash dumpster estimated weight: 700 poundsFull trash dumpster estimated weight: 1,600 pounds

Rolloff Truck

Used because that rolloff containers and horizontal compactors

Truck length: 34’9″Truck wheelbase: 27′Turning radius: 65′Front overhang: 3′Rear overhang: 5’3″Typical street from floor to top of hoist rail: 40-44″Width: 11′ v mirrorsHeight: 12′ through exhaust pipeOverhead clearance needed: 18-24′Container length: 21-23′Total size when gift picked up: ~52′

For much more information, call truck manufacturer or organization provider. Marathon equipment has thorough information top top rolloff hoist trucks.

Outdoor Recycling Truck

Used for collection of carts indigenous outdoor service areas

Length: 35′Width: 10′Height: 10’2″Turning radius: 38-40′Overhead Clearance: 15′ through bucket and container

Food rubbish Collection

Used for collection of food garbage carts

Tri-Axle Width: 8′, 10′ consisting of mirrors; 12′ minimum clearance, ideal is 16′ for right back-in approachLength: 28′Height: 12′Overhead Clearance: 22.5′ with dump extended

Grease Collection

Used for repertoire of cooking grease

Truck supplied to collection drumsGeneral: comparable to a tiny dump truckWeight: 30,000 lbs. (empty)Height: 13′Truck used to collect from little dumpster type containers


General: Tractor trailerHeight: 12′Overhead clearance: 25′ (12-13′ boom)

Indoor Recycling Truck

Used because that indoor recycling collection

Length: 26′ (28.5′ v lift gate extended)Width: 11′ v mirrors (8′ wheel base)Height: 13.5′Turning radius: 75′ (cab end truck: 35-40′)

Box Van

Used for confidential document collection

Length: 14′ bodyWidth: 11′ with mirrors

John Deere Gator

Used by OWRR for arsenal of products from walkway sites

Length: 102″ (8.83′)Width: 60″ (5′)Height: 43.6′ (3.63′)Turning clearance: 24.8′

See the website and space Planning or Containers and also Equipment pages for an ext information

1The details on this page have the right to be found in the design Guidelines, thing III. University Planning Standards, ar A. Website Design, 26. Driveways.

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2See the style Guidelines Manual, chapter III. College Planning Standards, ar C. Space Planning Requirements, 8. Building Systems, b) mechanical Systems.

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