Ronald "Slim" Williams network Worth and salary: Ronald "Slim" Williams is a Louisiana-born producer and also entrepreneur who has a network worth that $100 million. Additionally known together "Slim tha Don" or "The Godfather," Williams is finest known because that co-founding the record label Cash Money Records in addition to his younger brothers Bryan Williams (also well-known as Birdman). Ronald dram an very active duty in the production of Cash Money"s miscellaneous albums, and he has actually served as an executive producer ~ above almost all of its releases.

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Cash Money has been approximated to be worth around $300 million and was created in 1991. Other artists who have been signed through Cash Money Records encompass Paris Hilton, Mystikal, Young Thug, Juvenile, Christina Millian, Robb Banks, Young Greatness, and more. In comparison to his younger brothers Bryan, Ronald has tendency to steer clear of the media spotlight. Tiny is known about his an individual life, back he to be featured in CNBC"s documentary "Newbos: The climb of America"s new Black Overclass." Ronald also appeared in an illustration of "Behind the Music" in 2009.

Early Life: Ronald Williams was born on might 23rd of 1967 in new Orleans, Louisiana. While his brother Bryan was always intent on pursuing a career as a rapper, Ronald veered in the direction of a an ext "behind-the-scenes" duty as a business operator and executive from a young age. Williams prospered up in the well known "Third Ward" ar of brand-new Orleans, an area well-known for gang violence. Both Bryan and Ronald learned the principles of to run a organization from their father, that operated a grocery store store.

Career: In the beforehand 90s, Ronald and Bryan co-founded Cash Money Records. Through the end of the decade, the brand had come to be incredibly successful. Ronald and Bryan signed up-and-coming stars choose the warm Boys. Among the an essential members of the hot Boys to be Lil" Wayne, that would later on go ~ above to become one the Cash Money"s most profitable stars. In 1999 alone, Cash Money Records had sold more than 9 million records.

Lil" Wayne has praised Ronald for helping him learn key life values, and also he has described him as "like a father." Under Ronald"s guidance, Cash Money records adhered to strictly principles. Artists space strongly motivated to remain drug-free, and also they space expected to screen a strong work ethic.

Real Estate: In September 2012, Ronald made headlines as soon as he purchased the largest residence in southern Florida because that $7.15 million. Incredibly, he paid 100% cash for the property located within an ultra-exclusive fort Lauderdale gated community. The residence spans 34,000 square feet, and it to be the biggest house in the entire community of Weston when Williams purchased that in 2012.

One solitary room in the home spans 6,000 square feet. Various other features include a alcohol room, a movie theater, both indoor and also outdoor pools, and also indoor tennis courts. While this transaction was intended to it is in a "hush-hush" genuine estate deal, the story soon got out and Ronald"s wealth was put on center stage.

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Ronald "Slim" Williams

Net Worth:$100 Million
Date the Birth:May 23, 1967 (54 year old)
Profession:Record producer, Rapper, Businessperson
Nationality:United says of America

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