Jackie here. Us recently discussed using gift cards and prepaid cards as anonymous type of payment, do this scam alert from the IC3 particularly relevant. If you usage gift cards, be sure to save your eyes open up so you don’t come to be a victim.Gift cards space a popular source of fraud, probably as result of their cotton nature. Thieves can make purchases and access funds, all without ever having to reveal their identity. Castle utilize plenty of different methods to execute this fraud. Let’s take a look in ~ a couple:Tactic #1- Steal and ReturnGift cards have actually no value until activated, so they aren’t typically under lock and vital at the store. This provides them very easy to steal. Theif steal the worthless gift cards, document card numbers and PINs, and also then return the cards to the shelves at the store. This cards then wait for an unsuspecting the person who lives to acquisition them and also activate the funds. As quickly as the map is activated, the thief supplies the balance to make their own purchases online.Tactic #2- Duplicate UPCsIn this gift map tampering an approach a thef will develop multiple identical UPC barcodes for a gift card. This UPCs will certainly be used to cards in ~ the store over the card’s present code. Once someone to buy a card, the UPC sticker is scanned and the balance included is put directly onto the card with the equivalent UPC, i beg your pardon is own by the fraudster. They save track of the balance, and as shortly as it rises they invest it, often prior to the fraud is noticed by the consumer.Tactic #3- steal Merchandise because that CardsThieves don’t simply tamper v gift cards ~ above display; they likewise use them as component of other fraudulent schemes. For example, a fraudster could steal merchandise native a store and also return that in exchange for save credit. Lock then use these gift cards together a trade to purchase drugs, other gift cards, or offer them because that cash.Tactic #4- buying a card for SalePeople that don’t desire a gift card they’ve received frequently attempt to sell it. This gift map scam preys top top those v gift cards for sale. The thief will call the seller and also act interested in the card. They will certainly request that a three method call be made come the retailer come ‘verify’ the balance amount. The seller calls the merchant with the fraudster ~ above the line and enters in gift map information.

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The fraudster will then use special software program to attain the card number and PIN, which they then market online.Be careful with your gift cards so girlfriend don’t autumn victim to one of these scams. Check out the complete fraud alert indigenous the IC3 right here (second alarm on the page).