Before you move music content to the Walkman, you must prepare the content.

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This topic contains instructions because that the following operations.

Importing content from one audio CD come Music center for PC. Importing contents stored on a computer to Music facility for PC. Importing content stored ~ above an outside media device to a computer. Purchasing contents from virtual music services.

The instructions below are because that operations utilizing Music facility for PC. Music facility for computer is the recommended application for the Walkman. Install Music facility for pc in advance.

Importing contents from an audio CD come Music facility for PC

Use a computer on i m sorry Music facility for PC has actually been installed.

Launch Music facility for PC.

Insert an audio CD right into the media journey of the computer.

The content on the audio CD will appear on the Music facility for pc screen.

You can change the format setting for importing CDs, if necessary. For greater sound quality: FLAC For common sound quality: AAC (.mp4), MP3 (.mp3)

Import the contents on the audio CD to Music center for PC.

For details top top the procedure, see on the Music center for pc support website. (

Hint friend can additionally use iTunes rather of Music center for computer to import audio CDs.

Importing contents stored top top a computer system to Music facility for PC

Use a computer system on i m sorry Music center for PC has been installed.

Launch Music facility for PC.

From the left pane ~ above the Music facility for computer screen, choose the food selection for importing contents from a computer.

You can specify a folder for the content that you want to import.

Start importing the content.

For details ~ above the procedure, view ~ above the Music center for pc support website. (

Importing content stored on an exterior media machine to a computer

Use an exterior media device that includes music content.

The complying with instructions are for home windows Explorer. If you are using a Mac computer, usage Finder.

Connect the external media an equipment to a computer.

Open the external media device in windows Explorer.

Open the folder of the computer in windows Explorer.

Drag-and-drop the folders or papers from the exterior media machine to the folder top top the computer.

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Purchasing contents from virtual music services

You deserve to purchase music content from online music services.

Check the service guide because that the provider friend use. Each organization provider has different downloading procedures, compatible paper formats, and payment methods. Keep in mind that the provider may select to suspend or terminate the organization without notice.

The contents of the aid Guide might be subject to adjust without an alert due to updates come the product"s specifications.

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