Implement a MouseClick occasion listener for the part. Then use the playerWhoClicked parameter come determin which player clicked. In that listener entrust a Team circumstances to the players Team property.

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First, you are going to must insert a Team thing in the teams organization in the explorer. If the doesn"t display up there, click on "model" > "Services" > "Teams" and also click the switch "Insert":

Then Insert a Team thing in the groups service and customize it as you want.


After that create a part in the workspace and also place a script and a click detector in it.


And then, ar this manuscript in it and make alters to to the right your game specifically:

local TeamsService = game:GetService("Teams")-- Wirte your team"s surname in the wait for childlocal Team = TeamsService:WaitForChild("Noobs")local ClickDetector = script.Parent:WaitForChild("ClickDetector")local role AssignTeam(Player) Player.Team = TeamendClickDetector.MouseClick:Connect(AssignTeam) Also, click detector works for mobile as well.

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answered Apr 19 at 10:48

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