The latest island native Poptropica is back Lot Island, a funny romp v the civilization of old-school film-making!

Written Walkthrough:

Back many Island is composed of 9 Areas. 2 of the areas are outside the movie studio and also seven of them space inside the studio reachable by a cart, similar to the Lunar Rover top top Lunar Colony.

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Main StreetSunrise StreetBack Lot entrance (get cart)Soundstage 1Kirk’s Trailer (use cart)Soundstage 2 (use cart)Soundstage 3 (use cart)Soundstage 4 (use cart)Post manufacturing (use cart)

Main street includes a number of different shop (left come right):

Celebrity Wax Museum (common room)Queequeg’s CoffeehouseDigital Dreamscapes Studio(Your Blimp)One-of-a-Kind Talent AgencyA second Queequeg’s Coffeehouse

Sunrise Street has two various other buildings:

Chinese TheaterEntrance to grand Majestic Studios


In order come complete earlier Lot Island girlfriend must very first find a method inside the grand Majestic Studio, then you have to aid the famous director Carson Willis complete his film. Unlike plenty of other Poptropica islands, over there is no villain.

Part One: enter the StudioPart Two: acquire Kirk His CoffeePart Three: Monkey around (Soundstage 4)Part Four: develop the Prop Train, actors the Cowboys, develop the results (Soundstage 3)Part Five: uncover Goldie, get the Script, uncover a lead Actress, Act! (Soundstage 2)Part Six: post ProductionPart Seven: civilization PremiereBonus Quest


As always, girlfriend land on key street. You’re immediately accosted by paparazzi who think she a celebrity. Alas, you’re not. They run off as soon as they see previous child star Willy Bingleman going into Queequeegs.

Go right and go into the One-of-a-Kind Talent Agency. Talk to the talent agent. She’ll send you come Harvey Scoops. Go right to Sunrise Street area.

Head right, overcome the street, in ~ the tourists, click on the ground to check out the hand and footprints of Carson Willis. The tourist tell girlfriend Carson was one of the best filmmakers of every time, until his job went “off the rails”.

Keep going ideal until you uncover this guy, Harvey Scoops:


Talk to him and also he’ll phone call you he is investigating activity at the Old grand Majestic Studios. Rumor is the something’s going on within the studio walls. When you offer to help, Harvey asks you to climb the surrounding building and also take a snapshot for his blog. He gives you a TELEPHOTO CAMERA. Unfortunately, you i will not ~ have any idea just how to usage this old-fashioned camera. So, you need to uncover someone who can teach you.

Go left earlier to key Street. Walk all the method to the left, across the road, until you uncover the old man with the camera around his neck hanging the end in front of the Celebrity Wax Museum. Usage the TELEPHOTO CAMERA. He’ll provide you CAMERA FILM.

Now go back to Sunrise Street to the green and also purple building, Juan’s Celebrity Souvenirs. Jump up until you’re every the method at the top and also right on a small balcony. Use the CAMERA FILM. Then usage the TELEPHOTO CAMERA. You will do it be looking with the lens right into the studio. You’ll watch a male with a beard and also then…

Earthquake! The balcony collapses and also you loss inside the walls of the studio.

When you wake up, you’re in a mystical land of waterfalls and also castles v a little dog barking at you. It’s the magical soil of…nope, sorry, she on a movie set in an area dubbed the Backlot Entrance.


Head left and click on the large gates that the studio to open up them. You need them to be open later.

Now, go right until you discover the doors to Soundstage 1 with the blinking “Recording in Progress” light over it. Click on it and a woman will appear asking if you’re indigenous studio security. She speak you the the legend director Carson Willis is yes, really close come finishing his movie and also that she’s his assistant director Sofia May. She tells you it’s it s okay to walk inside and check things out, simply stay out of the way. Enter Soundstage 1.

Inside the soundstage, go left until you’re top top the set. Oops, you damaged the scene! The star Kirk Strayer storms off. Leave the soundstage and also talk come Sofia. She speak you to take the cart and also go acquire Kirk the end of his trailer. Go right and also click “Ride” ~ above the cart.

Similar to Lunar Colony, the cart offers an overhead map which reflects all the buildings inside the wall surfaces of the studio. Left clicking makes the dare accelerate. Use the mouse to aim your cart. You’re trying to find Kirk Strayer’s trailer. Head south out of the parking the majority of Soundstage 1 until you’re top top the key studio street. Keep going south until you pertained to an intersection. Walk east, climate north into the parking area. Kirk’s trailer is in the north part of the lot. Click on the trailer.

Talk come the director, who’ll tell friend there’s no movie there is no the star. Click on the trailer door. Kirk will certainly tell you that he’ll come the end if friend refill his half-caf, double…wait, half-caf, latte, dual espresso…wait…it’s a half-caf leviathan latte-espresso! choose up KIRK’S north HALF-CAF LEVIATHAN LATTE-ESPRESSO CUP. Time to head come the Queequeeg’s Coffeehouse!

Get earlier in her cart, go southern out that Kirk’s trailer lot, go west come the intersection, go north and also then west to the water tower and the parking lot because that Soundstage 1. Click Sunrise Street come exit. Go ago to key Street and also enter the an initial Queequeg’s friend come to, come the ideal of the Talent Agency.

Talk to the barista. They’re the end of half-caf leviathan latte-espresso. But you can acquire a Full-Caf infant Espresso instead by clicking each item. Push Buy and also you’ll gain an infant SIZED-COFFEE (full espresso).

Now walk to the 2nd Queequeg’s Coffeehouse, to the left that the Digital Dreamscapes studios. Speak to the barista to gain the menu. Click Latte, Infant, and Decaf to get an child SIZED-COFFEE (decaf latte).

You check out where this is going, right? Kirk desires a half-caf, half-decaf, half-latte, half-espresso cup the coffee. Enter your backpack and Use among the INFANT-SIZED COFFEEs. Then click each cup and also use your computer mouse to place the little cup over the big cup to pour it. Once you’ve poured both: presto! One HALF-CAF LEVIATHAN LATTE-ESPRESSO. Phew.

Head back to Kirk’s trailer on the studio lot and also click on his trailer door. Hurrah, the coffee has calmed him and also he’s prepared to work again. The director is thrilled and also asks you come come watch him in Soundstage 1 because that some much more errands. Go ago to Soundstage 1.

Camera GameJust together you get in the soundstage, the cameraman go off. The manager asks girlfriend to film the next scene. Run up top top the camera platform and also click on the camera. The score is to keep Kirk in the facility of the camera shoot the totality time. It’s a small tricky. The gray circle that represents the center of the framework is sensitive, for this reason you need to move the slowly. In ~ the exact same time, Kirk will certainly move easily when he it s okay scared or cold. It could take a few tries. Once you get it, the manager will say thanks to you and also ask you to drive about the studio and also see if you can assist out with other work to help finish the movie.


At the bottom best of the dare map is Soundstage 4. Inside you’ll uncover Carson Willis directing Kirk in a monkey suit. Kirk litter a tantrum and walks off. All set to it is in a star? to walk by the gorilla mask and costume to placed them on. Climate jump on the stage.

City ruin GameGame description: “Jump on the rooftops every the method to the peak to collect the red balloon. Be certain to pop every the environment-friendly balloons on the way.” when you’re jumping, cannons will certainly be shooting in ~ you, progressively lowering your “life” bar. The trick is the you can damage the cannons through hitting them and you deserve to smash the military men through landing on top of them. Yes sir one level it is the toughest because it has three military men. Shot to run on all 3 of them in ~ once. Once you obtain the red balloon, girlfriend win.PART FOUR: SOUNDSTAGE 3 – develop THE PROP TRAIN, cast THE COWBOYS, produce THE EFFECTSSoundstage 3 is on the opposite next of the studio native Soundstage 4 at the bottom left of the studio map. The enntrance gate is ~ above the western side. Take it the dare there. Sofia (boy, she gets around) speak you that the set-builder is a no-show. You should sift v the props to develop a prop train. Click on the huge prop bag to the left.

Build the Prop TrainUsing your mouse, click the various pieces of lumber to fill out the train blueprints. There are more wooden pieces than you need, for this reason there room multiple means to finish each puzzle. Below are three possible ways:




Cast the CowboysOnce you’ve constructed the train, Sofia will ask you to grab the hats and fill out the components with out-of-work actors milling approximately Sunrise Street. Jump approximately the 2nd level and also grab the white and also black cowboy hats. Then departure the soundstage and also head to main Street.

Go into the first Queequeg’s and also offer Willy Bingleman the black HAT (use it in former of him). Next go into the Digital Dreamscapes studio and go left till you uncover actor in the motion-capture suit. Sell him the WHITE HAT. Head back to Soundstage 3 and also talk come Sofia.

Create the phase EffectsThe actors are on a treadmill. You have three feasible stage impacts buttons listed below them: a tornado, a rogue (hat), and also a buffalo. Just hit the button when the manager calls for that thing. That easy.PART FIVE: SOUNDSTAGE 2 – uncover GOLDIE, get THE SCRIPT, uncover A command ACTRESS, ACT!

Find GoldieExit the soundstage and also jump in the cart. Head northeast native the Soundstage 3 lot come the opposite side of the studio cart map come Soundstage 2.

Inside you’ll uncover assistant manager Sofia May. Talk to her and also she’ll call you that you require to find Goldie and get the script. He’s “probably in his usual spot, head in the clouds”. That best there is what they speak to a clue.Go earlier to Soundstage 1 and also jump increase onto the roof of the soundstage. You’ll watch the pipe-smoking screenwriter, busily inputting away in ~ a screenplay. Click him to speak to him. His excellent screenplay will blow away and also land top top Sunrise Street. Head there.

Get the ScriptThere are four pages, 2 on Sunrise Street:

stuck on the TV antenna on optimal of Juan’s Celebrity Souvenirsat the really top of the Chinese theater. The sides of center part of the roof will assist you bounce to reach it.

And two on main Street:

in the neon authorize on top of the an initial Queequeg’s, come the ideal of the Talent Agencyon the much left of the roof of the Celebrity Wax Museum

Head back to Soundstage 2 and talk to Sofia that will phone call you that the manuscript pages are out that order. Get in your backpack and examine the page. Use your computer mouse to ar the gold numbers ~ above the correct page.

Page 1 begins: “The Many-Splendored Zephyr…”

Page 2 begins: “PILOT: ‘I recognize what you thinking. You can not come with!’”

Page 3 begins: “PILOT: what is it?’”

Page 4 begins: “The NAVIGATOR smiles bravely…”

Find a command ActressTalk to Sofia again. She speak you the the lead actress never ever showed up. They require a “Lacey Williams type.” Sofia offers you one ACTRESS HEADSHOT come match.

Go come the Talent firm on key Street. Usage the ACTRESS HEADSHOT next to the talent certified dealer (who watch vaguely familiar). Yup, that Lacey Williams herself! Head back to Soundstage 2.

Act the function of NavigatorTalk to Sofia and she’ll phone call you that you should act the duty of the navigator! Quick, get in costume. Jump as much as the dressing room in ~ the upper left hand side of the room and click “Get Dressed”.

Now that you’re in costume and also the camera is rolling, you need to remember your lines! walk you review the script? No? Well, below you go…

“But–”(Offer her a compass)“Safe journeys! I’ll never ever forget you!”“Noooooo!”

Nice acting! leave the soundstage and head to the post Production building, at the bottom the the dare map, towards the center.

PART SIX: short article PRODUCTION

Enter the post Production building. Within you’ll find the director who tells you the first thing you must do is edit the film. Monitor him right into the Film editing and enhancing bay. Click on the film modifying machine.

Film Editor“Can you uncover the mistake? Scrub v each scene and also locate the framework with the error, climate splice that out v the razor.” you’ll see 3 rolls the film. In each roll is something the is off. The an initial one has actually a yellow banana, the 2nd one has actually a eight mic in shot, and the 3rd one has stuffing coming out of the bear. Use the bar in ~ the bottom the each role to relocate it forward or behind one structure at a time. As soon as you view the mistake, click on the razor blade at the right. Then left click and also hold come cut in between the environment-friendly lines. Cut above the film cell and below it come splice that out. Execute it 3 times to finish.

Click ~ above the director who will tell friend it’s time to include sound. Follow him right into the sound modifying bay come the right. Click one that the sound result props.

Foley Sound“Each that the scenes needs four sounds added at the best time. Click on the exactly sound once you view the indicator flash on screen.” There room 16 sound impact (SFX) buttons along the bottom. In the center is a roll film. At the top is a digital display screen which will certainly flash and also tell friend which SFX button to hit.

First clip:

Rain (rustling paper)Thunder (metal sheet)Balloon popping (balloon)Balloon hitting water (cup of water)

 Second clip:

Fireplace (match and also can)Plates rattling (plates)Bear growling (bear)Ghost moaning (ghost)

Third clip:

Buffalo (buffalo)Horses galloping (coconuts)Train (brushes and also whistle)Punch (paddle and also meat)

Fourth clip:

Airplane (fan)Kong landing on building (anvil hitting box)Gorilla howl (gorilla)Kong fall (bottle)

Follow the director and talk to him. He’ll give you film REELS to provide to the theatre while he has actually mysterious other service to to visit to. Head to the Chinese theater on Sunrise Street.



Sofia might is waiting for friend in front of the Chinese Theater. The marquee shows: “Now Playing: The Many-Splendored Zephyr, The brand-new film indigenous Carson Willis, people Premiere”. Talk to Sofia and she’ll explain Carson’s behavior. Then enter the theater.

You need to gain to the projector. Jump up ~ above the phase at the far right, climate onto the theatre boxes v the critics in them. Jump across them into the balcony. Then head left to the projector. Get in your backpack and use the FILM. Reap the movie!

Once the movie’s over, head outside to acquire your medallion. Congratulations, you simply completed earlier Lot Island!



But wait…there’s a bonus quest to be had. Sofia tells you the a camera to be left top top in Soundstage 1. The bonus pursuit description: “Sneak right into the studio and evade defense to victory a new prize in this island’s bonus quest! Plus, obtain a bonus prize pack of costumes and items.”

Enter the studio and go to Soundstage 1. Jump approximately the camera come grab it. Just as you do, the Warren sisters, the owner of cool Majestic Studios, will record you and also accuse girlfriend of trespassing. You hightail it out of there.

Avoid ago Lot Security“Avoid and also outlast the earlier Lot security. Collection (rockets) for rate boosts. Collection (green balls) for extra protection.”

You’ll it is in in her cart and also need to evade the defense carts the come ~ you. The cheat is to simply stay come the external roads as much as possible. Don’t try grabbing the rockets or eco-friendly balls, simply keep moving. That a little challenging, yet not super difficult.

The reward is a cool hand-held camera! Congrats!

Video Walkthrough:

Our Original write-up When ago Lot Island to be Announced:

Welp, it’s official! as was previously, if unintentionally, announced earlier, the next adventure indigenous the fine folks in ~ Poptropica is ago Lot Island! ~ above the Creator’s Blog, they explain it favor this:

The best filmmaker of every time has come out of hiding, and also he demands your help to make his masterpiece. Yet will girlfriend be producing the next large blockbuster, or is there problem in tinseltown? from the first frame to the final cut, it’s lights, camera, action!

Based on the great teaser trailer, this following island look at to it is in a really exciting journey from classic cinema to effects-laden modern action flicks. Inspect it the end below.

Again, it’s an amazing and an extremely cool coincidence that the island you males came up with for our style Our very own Island Project, came to be the identically themed Movie Island. It’s ours Poptropica wish fulfilled!

And remember the we’ll have our award-winning* video walkthroughs and written guide up as shortly as we have the right to after earlier Lot Island launches. No launch date has to be announced, but we’ll keep you posted.

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* Winner that the 2013 compensation for best Poptropica video clip and composed Walkthroughs (issued by the completely un-biased judge, Zippy Turtle). There were no runner-ups.