Explore the remarkable Charlie and the chocolate Factory Island top top Poptropica by making use of this action by action walkthrough guide. Top top this island, you gain to monitor what happened in the famous book! girlfriend will check out Charlie Buckets home as well as make your way to the coco Factory to accomplish the genius behind that all, Willy Wonka.

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The walkthrough listed below brings you v over ten different locations within the Charlie and the coco Factory area. In ~ the end of the island, friend will have actually take component in the remarkable glass elevator chase! Have fun and also let united state know exactly how our overview helped!

Walk come the left until you view a small wooden house. Knock on the front door then walk over to the left and click top top the phone booth top top the left. Run earlier to the right and also go right into the corner Shop.

Give your silver coin come Charlie in the corner Shop, he’ll buy a Wonka bar and find a golden ticket! currently you have to guard Charlie ~ above his way home so none of the townspeople steal the gold ticket!

Click on the garbage bins and also crates to knock castle over and also slow down the civilization chasing Charlie. The following morning, walk to her left and you’ll watch a golden ticket autumn from the sky. It blows under the street so monitor it. Once you acquire to the payphones, jump up on height of castle to get up ~ above the rooftops.

Keep adhering to the ticket as it blows about up top and also eventually you will certainly pick it up on the rooftop. Drop under to the street and run to your best until you get to the gates outside of the Wonka factory. Go inside the gates.

Talk to everyone in the line and Mr Wonka will certainly come outside. Walk come the left to choose up Wonka’s cane then go to the right. You’ll drop under to a room selector. Adjust the selector come the cacao room and also follow the blue pointing arrows.

Walk to her left, climate to her right, climate left again, then left, climate right. Go into the coco room and also you’ll see Augustus acquire sucked increase the chocolate chute. Climb up top top the pipes and also click ~ above the two environment-friendly wheels. One is to the right side and the various other is to the left.

Enter the fudge room and click the blue button. Then click on the environment-friendly wheel. Jump end to the left and click on the environment-friendly button. Autumn down and also click on the button with the fire top top it. Next click on the switch with the ice on it, climate jump up and click the red button.

Drop down and click top top the orange button by the computer. Climate click the various other orange buttons as he comes under the conveyor belt. You have to click castle so that the fire no touch him together he walk by.

He’ll come out of the fudge machine alive. Go through the door that claims Hallways top top it. Set the room selector to “Television” and follow the blue pointing fingers to get there. Enter the door to the tv room.

Mike runs in prior of the tv ray and disappears. Walk over to the left and also ask the Oompa Loompa if over there is something you have the right to do. Adjust the tv antennas until you deserve to see Mike on the TV. An Oompa Loompa comes on screen and grabs him.

Walk come the left and enter the Bubblegum Room. Again asking the Oompa Loompas if there is anything you can do. Click on the computer system monitor and also then adjust Mike so the he is the best size again. Leave through the door to the hallways.

This time walk to the Inventing room. Jump on the yellow tile to do a item of gum. Violet eats a piece of gum and also gets required to the juicing room. Monitor them in there and also rearrange the square so the looks favor this.


The maker squeezes the juice out of Violet and she is bring away away. Run to the right and also enter the door come the hallways. Set the room selector to the seed room and follow the arrows to acquire there.

Veruca and her dad obtain tossed out as “bad nuts”, monitor them under the chute to save them. Jump end to the right and also pick increase the whipped cream. Then press the wad of gum in prior of the pan to jam it.

After that, pull the chain again for one more ball of gum. Press this one to the appropriate so it is in former of the tiny doorway.


Then click on the red lever then drop down to the ground level. Push the garbage bin in former of the tiny doorway and also click the red lever. Be sure to pick up the fizzy lifting drink when you’re under there too.

Now jump back up come the peak level close to where the squirrel is running in the wheel. Take out your walnut up there and the squirrel will obtain out the the wheel. Veruca and also her dad space saved! Take the end the fizzy lifting drink and use it. Leave through the chute in the ceiling.

Go back to the chocolate room and you’ll see Mr Wonka and Charlie standing there. Every one of the sudden, Charlie floats far on a item of ground. Wonka states you can choose to save Charlie or just take the tricks to the factory. Tell him you desire to save Charlie.

Use the whipped cream to do platforms the you deserve to jump top top to stay out of the chocolate river. You need to do this every the means down the river. That takes part time yet eventually you’ll uncover Charlie floating in the chocolate. Reach down to aid him out of the river.

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You bring Charlie back safely and also Mr Wonka provides him the secrets to the factory. He gives you a lifetime supply the chocolate and an open up invitation to his factory any type of time. Oh and also the Charlie and the chocolate Factory Island Medallion of course! quite sweet!

Charlie and the cacao Factory Island Bonus quest Walkthrough

Right after ~ you obtain the medallion, grandfather Wonka it s okay news the his secret recipes have been stolen by his rivals. Take it the glass elevator to avoid the rivals from stealing the recipes!

Fly with the liquid to refuel the elevator. Shot to get in prior of the planes climate spray them with the liquid to destroy their planes. Mr Wonka offers you few of his Heli-Gum that he’s been working on together a reward!


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