Tips for residence tanning bed desk lamp replacement.

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These are an easy tips to make transforming your lamps easier. There is no way to cover every situation, however our goal is to help keep girlfriend from making mistakes once replacing the lamps in your house tanning bed.

Get a pen and document before you shop - write down her beds version name/number (ie: SunMaster 24KCT, SunQuest pro 16SE, etc.) at the really least, and also getting the names and also numbers written on the lamps can additionally be handy, particularly for larger beds. THEN speak to us at 1-800-274-1744 or shop online using among our guides, the lamp Wizard, or other online help we have produced just for home tanning bed owners. This will insure we acquire you the right lamps the an initial time, and can present you the maximum choices for your tanning bed.

SunQuest / SunVision acrylic removal - do not take it the end off your tanning bed to eliminate these acrylics (common mistake). Instead, remove the fancy plastic strips on the both long sides of each acrylic. A small flat tongue screw driver is regularly handy. Manage with care, as they can come to be somewhat brittle through age. Once removed, background the acrylic slightly and roll the end the front. The is useful to have actually two civilization when act this.Don"t re-install your acrylics yet... - once you have actually installed your new lamps, and BEFORE girlfriend re-install the acrylics, check the new lamps by turning the bed on. (Use eyewear as soon as doing this) If friend twisted the desk lamp to much, or there is a problem with the lamp, this will allow you come quickly attend to the problem available without having to carry out all the extra job-related of removing the acrylic again. When you watch the lamps all work perfectly fine, then change the acrylic.

Recondition your acrylics - This is often overlooked since people think their acrylics don"t require it. "They look perfectly clean to me" is often said, however the truth is that an acrylic will construct a film that you can"t see, and while the won"t block visible light, that does block UV. So also the clearest feather acrylics can be impede 20%-40% that the UV the the desk lamp is producing. The wastes electricity and also your time. You have the right to buy Novus #2 because that this objective for less than $7, or purchase the whole Tanning Bed Rebuild Kit v Novus #1, #2, #3, everyday cleaner concentrate and eyewear for less than $30. The most daunting part that reconditioning her tanning bed is acquisition it apart, and since you already have to perform that to replace the lamps, it simply makes sense to go ahead and recondition the acrylics. The manufacturer proposal you execute this every 1-2 years for house tanning beds.

Clean your reflectors, the brand-new lamps, and the cooling fans - because you are already taking your bed apart, clean every little thing inside for maximum performance. UV is very easy to block, and also cleaning dusty reflectors is a cheap, easy way to an increase performance. Clean the new lamps additionally a great idea as they can acquire a thin powder coating ~ above them native the manufacturing process. If you must never use glass cleaner on her acrylic, the is fine to use on the brand-new lamps and the reflectors. Use some caution, as reflectors frequently have sharp edges.

Get help - having a second person handy once you space replacing the lamps is a great idea. It can keep friend from accidentally bending or break an high-quality acrylic. No one of the parts of the bed are very heavy, but big acrylics are complicated to handle sometimes, and while a second pair of hand isn"t forced for most tanning beds, the will likely come in handy.

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Get bed cleaner - If you room not buying the rebuild kit, make certain you have enough bed cleaner or bespeak a fresh bottle once you obtain your lamps. Perform NOT ever clean your bed through Windex, glass cleaners, chlorine/Clorox, vinegar or other family cleaners. The isn"t an excellent for them, and can actually reason the acrylics to begin blocking UV, which way longer sessions to acquire tan, and also wasted electricity and lamp life. Besides, bed cleaner is cheaper than home window cleaner. The concentrate renders 16 gallons, and also it prices less than $15. The is less than $1 a gallon, and it works properly.

Reduce her session time - Remember, you are replacing your lamps because the old lamps are performing favor new, for this reason be certain to reduced your session time in half once you change your lamps, to protect against getting melted with your new, warm lamps. If you to be going 20 minutes, try starting out at 10 minutes and work your method back up. Tan smart!

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