Nowadays profile photos are an extremely important for all kinds of society platforms. Prior to reading your bio and also feed, customers will see your username and also profile picture. Hence, that is necessary to usage an attractive profile photos to impress the users. The following guide will show you the actions to readjust the profile photo or symbol on Tumblr, a microblogging and also social networking site. Tumblr is among the renowned platforms wherein you deserve to share her interests and connect with human being from various parts of the world.

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(6) pick an photo to collection as your profile icon. Tip: just how to adjust Tumblr Username?

How to change your Tumblr Avatar/Icon top top App?

(1) Launch the Tumblr app and log in to your account.

(2) insanity the profile icon on the bottom right edge of the app.

(3) Simply, tap her avatar and also click Change your avatar.

(4) select Choose a photo.

Note: you can additionally select the shape for her profile picture: circle or Square.

(5) choose a picture from your an equipment and adjust it according to her convenience.


(6) Click save to complete the process.

These room the two means that you have the right to use to readjust the profile snapshot or symbol on Tumblr. The above-mentioned second method applies come both Android and also iOS devices.

If friend are having trouble while an altering your Tumblr avatar, mention it in the comments section provided below. We will help you to kind it out. Follow our society media profiles: Facebook and also Twitter for more tutorials.

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