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how regularly do you guys clean/lube your P226"s? some say clean ~ every selection session, part say clean every couple range sessions. I review through the user manual and also could not discover anything about frequency that cleaning. Anyone know what Sig recommends? I recognize cleaning is additionally based on peoples preferences yet just desire to recognize if there is any type of info from Sig or great principles to follow. Thanks.

Make the time, clean ~ use. Ns clean the powder residue and run a few patches down the barrel. Ns don"t usage a bore brush or copper solvent however once or twice a year, this is due to the fact that I"m no shooting more than 500 - 1000 rds in between that process. Ensure ideal lubrication and also you"ve excellent your component to keep it to run perfectly.
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I execute barrel, bolt face and also sliderails every time; and also of course, the entirety thing gets wiped down. Leaving crud sit in lube is no my idea of a an excellent time.Carrying in different climates might require cleaning much more often, or require a detail stripping and also cleaning more often.It"s all reasonably unique to each person and gun, yet I"d say the an initial sentence is the minimum.

after selection time, weapon is cleared, slide comes off, spring barrel removed, cleaned v clp & lubed with grease/oil.

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1) ~ EVERY use.2) If a lug weapon, when a month, fired or not.3) safe queen, once a year, fired or not.The above cleanings consist of a ar strip, cleaning with a solvent (I usage Gunzilla) in these areas:a) complete barrel , inside and also outb) recoil spring and guide rodc) all obtainable surfaces that the slide and also framed) lubrication per SIG"s recommendations4) Every 5,000 rounds, a finish teardown, inspection, clean, lube and also spring update by a SIG factory certified armorer.
So, ns don"t very own a p226, yet this seems more general than just this gun. Am ns the only human being that information strips his weapons every time they"re fired?
Somehow field-stripping and cleanup is a personal thing and varies v shooters. I"ve known SIG owners that clean/field-strip their pistols just a couple times a year. My selection is really active and rents around 50-75 pistolsand only field-strips every gun every 3-4 months... Through no problems!!My perspective is, if I"m spending anywhere from $700-1000+ because that a pistol (and every mys SIGs are in that catagory), I"m gonna take it real great care of themt and keep "em clean!!That usually way at minimum, clean the barrel through a solvent then a patch of lube, cleaning and lubing the rails (slide and frame), and a general/overall solvent/lube wipe-down... And also I carry out this after every range session (which is generally 100+ rnds/pistol)...And then, as Malicious said, after around 5,000-rnds, to mine "smith" because that a detailed and also complete cleaning/breakdown.For me, that"s my regimen for my SIGs, BHPs, 1911s and all!