Pittsburg hot Links are easily accessible by letter order in one of two people a cooked, by-the-dozen choice or uncooked, 5 pounds in-a-box alternative (approx. 36).

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We chef our hot links in jug stoves, end a stick-as we have for many, many years.

We cook them to medium for letter order, to permit you the option of heating or proceeding to cook.

Many customers like to chef their own links. Simply remember, the flavor can be a tiny different than those friend ate together a kid in the restaurant, due to the fact that we can not loan you our stoves. Sorry.

Either way, like thousands that others that came before you, we know you’ll love these greasy tiny nuggets of flavor.

Continue below For cooking Instructions or Visit the mail Order page by selecting the Red Button.

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Cooking Raw hot Links

For ideal Results roasted in Conventional range at 300 degrees

Your Pittsburg hot Links deserve to be cook in a typical gas or electrical oven complying with these straightforward instructions:

For ideal results use a 9 x 11 or larger aluminum pan according to the desired variety of hot links to be cooked. Place a metal rack inside, over or across the pan to allow the grease to drain from the hot links in come the pan when cooking.

Preheat stove to 300 for even cooking. This temperature have to not be gone beyond due to possible grease spewing onto stove walls i m sorry would develop smoke and feasible fire. Food preparation time is approximately 45 minutes for 2 dozen warm links top top one side- then turn the hot links over and also cook lock for second 30 minutes.

After they have cooked for 1 hour and 15 minute total, take them out of the oven and also let them set for 3-5 minutes before puncturing the warm links.

Once they have actually drained, lock are all set to serve.

Boiling, frying, or microwaving these warm links will give unsatisfactory results.

Pittsburg hot Links may additionally be cook on an the end gas grill or electrical roaster noted the hot links space not permitted to rest in the grease when cooking. Collection a medium or reduced temperature. They can be cooked end charcoal or wood but not in direct call with the flame.

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To Reheat Cooked web links -

To reheat in a typical oven, collection at a low temperature. For microwave reheating, set at change minutes depending upon the amount of warm links to it is in reheated.