ns was law a statistics probability problem and also I required to uncover the value of (0.17)^4. As soon as I entered the value into my calculator, i noticed that it provided me the price in scientific notation (8.3521E-4). Ns figured let me try entering 8.3521 * 10^-4 hoping the it"d provide me the decimal type I to be looking for. However, it to be the same exact issue.


I went to the "mode" choice of the calculator thinking that there to be something wrong v the setting but every little thing was fine. Ns don"t psychic manually convert the clinical notation right into decimal kind but I"d really like for the value to be already in decimal kind given the workload of this problems.

Thank you because that reading!

Note: I have actually a TI-84 Plus silver Edition.

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The calculator instantly uses clinical notation for numbers smaller sized than $0.001$ in pure value, no issue what your mode settings are; this can not be overridden.

The many straightforward method to gain the calculator to instantly tell you how countless zeroes there room after the decimal, in such a case, is to add $1$:

0.17^4 8.3521e-4Ans+1 1.00083521Just overlook the $1$ in front of the decimal point and you have the answer you want.

Note the in general, this will lose you precision:

0.17^8 6.975757441e-7Ans+1 1.000000698In this case, it"s not as well bad: we deserve to use the 2nd output to counting zeroes and also the first for more digits. Sometimes, it will lose you all the the precision:

0.17^16 4.86611919e-13Ans+1 1But in this critical example, maybe you don"t desire the number as a decimal after ~ all.

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Scientific notation have the right to represent precise numbers if they space terminating decimals. In your situation $0.17^4=0.00083521=8.3521E-04$ exactly. Did friend drop the final $1$? i would expect the calculator to present it. The calculator more than likely does this calculation as $e^4 log 0.17$ and $log 0.17$ can not be stood for exactly, so over there is a reasonable chance that the result is no exact. I wouldn"t intend that to change anything as far forward as the 5th place, however seeing $8.35209999E-04$ would not surprised me

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