16.00 =16.00 g159.62 g/mol18.02 g/molFormula fixed = 159.62 + 5(18.02)= 249.72 g/mol
2. Divide the fixed of water in one mole that the hydrate by the molarmass of the hydrate and also multiply this portion by 100.Percent hydration = (90.10 g /249.72 g)(100) = 36.08%
CALCULATION the THE PERCENT ERRORPercent error = ( theoretical - experimental / theoretical value) x100EXAMPLE: calculate the percent error indigenous the previous examples.Percent error = <( 36.08 - 36.10 )/ 36.08>x 100 = 0.06%
EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURE because that PERCENT WATER IN A HYDRATE1. Accurately weigh a clean, dry evaporating dish. Document this mass.

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2. Transfer around 3 grams the barium chloride dihydrate, BaCl2·2 H2O, into the weighed evaporating dish and also weigh thedish and its contents. Document this mass.3. Location the food on a ring stand and also heat gently for 10 minutes. Thenheat the sample more strongly because that 10 more minutes by happen the flameof the bunsen burner directly under the dish. The residue need to be almostpure white. Allow the food to cool, then sweet it.4. Heat the food for one more 5 minutes, cool, climate weigh. If every thewater has been thrust off, the two masses must agree.5. Dispose the the barium chloride in the container provided.
Name __________________________Hood No. _________________Date _________________
1. Mass of empty evaporating dish__________grams
2. Fixed of food & BaCl2 ·2 H2O__________grams
3. Fixed of BaCl2 ·2 H2O__________grams (#2 - #1)
4. Mass of dish & BaCl2 after very first heating__________grams
5. Massive of BaCl2 after an initial heating__________grams (#4 - #1)
6. Mass of food & BaCl2 after second heating__________grams
7. Massive of BaCl2 after second heating__________grams (#6 - #1)
8. Fixed of water lost__________grams
9. Percent hydration %__________%
CALCULATION the PERCENT HYDRATION native THE altoalsimce.orgistry FORMULACalculate the percent hydration for barium chloride dihydrate, BaCl2·2 H2O(s).Atomic masses: H = 1.01; O = 16.00; Cl = 35.45; Ba = 137.33
Theoretical value___________________%
PERCENT ERRORDetermine the percent error between the speculative value and thecalculated value.

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Percent error___________________%
REMINDERS:1. Remember that barium is toxic. The provided barium chloride must beput in the waste container provided.2. In identify the mass of water lost and also the mole of anhydroussample, the lower mass the the two must be used, this will typically beafter the 2nd heating, however if the mass after the very first heating is lower,have them usage that figure.3. The is really important that the evaporating dish cools come room temperaturebefore weighing. If that is no cool, convection currents will certainly be collection upthat will reduced the mass.