A scratched or damaged disc have the right to be a pain. So have the right to the unreadable bowl error for the Xbox that comes with it.

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While digital download overwhelmingly dominate game sales, there room still a huge group of people who still like discs or don’t have access to net connections fast enough to download digital copies of games. And not everyone has accessibility to a an intricate disc repair device or kit.

Helping those civilization is our goal.

Whether you’re make the efforts to solve an unreadable key error, or you simply want to find out exactly how to settle your scratched or damaged disc, altoalsimce.org has actually the information you must make it happen.

Check out our tutorial and troubleshooting overview on just how to repair her damaged disc and also fix an unreadable disc error on your Xbox.

Option 1: usage Toothpaste and also Deodorant

An unreadable disc error is typically due to scratches on the disc the are huge and/or deep sufficient to protect against the bowl driver laser from properly reading it.

Although over there is no means to “replace” the scratched sections of the disc, you can polish it v varying compounds come trick the laser into thinking the disc is readable.

The quickest and also easiest method to fix your scratched CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disc is to use toothpaste and deodorant.

Sound crazy? Maybe.

But it functions (see the thousands of comments on our YouTube video to prove it), and we’ll present you exactly how to perform it.

What You’ll Need

Damaged, scratched, or unreadable disc. White pole Antiperspirant Deodorant Toothpaste (plain white paste without beads or added abrasives)

Step 1: Wet Disc


Damaging your disc sucks, however fixing your disc doesn’t have to.

Did this work-related fix for you? If so we would certainly love come hear around it.

Have any suggestion to assist others resolve their scratched or damaged Xbox disc? We’d would certainly love to hear from you too.

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If so, fall a comment below, visit our call page or head end to ours YouTube channel and also connect v thousands of various other gamers who have had problems and fixed their unreadable key error, scratched, and also damaged discs.