There’s not lot worse 보다 watching something beneficial or sentimental clink twice on the porcelain and also escape a desperate effort before it drops down the sink. Fortunately, her belongings are (most likely) less complicated to recoup than you might think. So if you’re reading this in a frenzy, simply know that opportunities are pretty great your ring (or other precious item) isn’t unable to do forever.

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This step-by-step guide will assist you for sure retrieve an item that’s fallen down your sink.

Project difficulty: 2/5Time needed: 5-10 minutesTools required: Bucket or pan, rubber gloves, pliers, drain guard, plenty of towels (Optional: magnet, sink grasping tool, or flex cable)

Unless you should buy a set of pliers and gloves, getting things out the a sink drain will expense you only a couple of dollars in ~ most. You deserve to buy a flex gable or grasping device at home development stores for $10 to $15, or a small magnet for $5. The totality project shouldn’t price more 보다 $20.

Hiring a sink environment specialist, plumber, or handyman will probably cost $50 to $150. It might take them only a couple of minutes to take apart her sink and retrieve her item, yet you’ll quiet probably have to pay for the complete hour (or pay a flat-rate service fee).


Sure, you desire that drainpipe clog gone. But bypassing the plumber because that a party of drainpipe cleaner can do much more harm than good.

If girlfriend haven’t done this yet, perform so immediately. Shutting turn off water to the sink will prevent your item indigenous getting any further into your pipes than it already has. To carry out this, look at under her sink. Friend should uncover two valves: one each for hot and cold water. Turn them clockwise to shut off her water.

Removing her sink’s drainpipe plug will help you gain accessibility to her pipes. Some drainpipe plugs space removable with a gentle tug. Others have a horizontal rod underneath the sink that you should unhook first. Then you have the right to remove the plug.

Proceed carefully—sometimes a an useful can acquire hooked on the bottom (or versus the side) of your drain plug. Removing the forcefully could cause the object to sink additional down the drain.

If it's been a while due to the fact that you’ve cleaned your bathroom sink, the drainpipe plug could be dirty and also bring debris up v it. Inspect this closely for your item, too.

*Note: This step applies to magnetic items, such as iron-coated or stainless steel items that fell down her sink drain. Silver and gold rings space not magnetic, for this reason this action would not apply.

Attach a little magnet come a piece of string. Or buy a flexible rod with a magnet top top the finish that will certainly fit under your sink. If you understand your item is magnetic and also you know you're close however can’t seem to lug it up to safety, you might need a stronger magnet. Girlfriend can discover coin-sized magnets of varying strengths at home improvement stores for under $5.

**Note: This step applies to non-magnetic items. Yes slightly an ext of a hazard that you’ll press the item more down the drain using this method, so it’s worth complying with step 3a (above) very first if that applies.

A grasping tool or flex cable is draft to travel down sinks and latch onto shed items. You deserve to buy them in ~ home development stores for $10 come $15. Again, it is in gentle as soon as pushing the tool down the drain. If you push too tough or go also fast, you might shove the item under the drainpipe further. Hear for metal click noises and attempt come hook the item and also bring it back up the drain.

If her item still there is no appeared, don’t shed hope. Maybe once cleaning your kitchen sink did you do it noticed the U-shaped pipe design underneath. This is dubbed the p-trap.

P-traps hold onto water to protect against sewer gases from backing their way into your home. But due to the fact that of the means it’s designed, yes a possibility your items is grounding there and will come out v the water trapped inside.

To disassemble, place a bucket and several towels underneath her sink prior to opening the p-trap with your pliers. Even though the water is off, there will be residual water leftover within that will come spilling the end as quickly as you loosen the pipes.

Turn the compression nut on both sides of the trap and loosen the nut carefully. Reduced gently and enable water come pour into the bucket.

In part cases, particularly if her sink’s pipes are dirty, the item can be lodged in the gunk that’s built up in the p-trap. Remove any hair, soap scum, or various other items that have gathered here very closely while looking for your an useful item.

If the article you’ve lost is no in the p-trap and also doesn’t come out through the residual water in her pipes, rental a sink repair specialist or plumber can help.

Don’t worry, hope is still not lost—as lengthy as friend don’t revolve your water back on or run the faucet. 

Fortunately, many plumbing systems are designed with number of bends and traps. One experienced local plumber can examine these locations carefully there is no damaging your plumbing and also safely put your pipes back together.


Short of hiring a pro, here are some additional DIY tips to store in psychic when obtaining something that fell down the sink drain:

It deserve to be tempting to stick one unwired coat hanger or other similar object under the drain in wishes of hooking or latching onto your item. Avoid doing this, together you can push it more down the drain or acquire the item you’re placing in the sink stuck. A flex cable is your ideal bet.

Unless girlfriend really recognize what you’re doing, acquisition apart her sink totally probably no a great idea. This can require girlfriend to hire a sink fix specialist come come solve it, i m sorry could expense several hundreds dollars.

Minor pipeline disassembly is OK, however make certain you take keep in mind of just how your pipes looked before you took them apart. Acquisition photos or also a short video clip on her smartphone can help you placed things ago together when you’re done.

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In short, be careful and don’t shed hope! your ring or various other precious items is likely not much down the pipes. Whether it’s you or a pro, you will certainly likely be able to retrieve it.