One of the many wanted points in all of Neopia the you can not buy is a spring Faerie Quest. By perfect a fountain Faerie Quest, you gain to pick one of her pets to it is in painted any kind of (see the few exceptions below) shade you want, essentially for FREE. Yes, i did simply say free, the exemption being the you perform of course need to pay because that the search item. Listed below are the steps and the entire process of a fractional Faerie Quest.

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How to obtain a fractional Faerie Quest

You do this precisely how you would any kind of other faerie quest - see our faerie quest web page for more information. These are really rare, and also you will most likely acquire other quests before getting one of these. Every time you gain a quest, be sure to check out who the is from. If it says "The fountain Faerie..." this is a fountain Faerie Quest. The most usual mistake is confusing her and also the water faerie. A fractional Faerie Quest should look something choose the photo below:


What to do once you get a spring Faerie Quest?

During pursuits you are not allowed to usage the Shop Wizard. The very first thing you want to do once you gain a spring Faerie search is purchase the item the the fractional Faerie demands you to find. To perform this girlfriend can pick one the the adhering to two options:

Option 1 - making use of a next AccountOption 2 - making use of the NeoBoards

One the the easiest methods to use. Due to the fact that you perform the search yourself, you have the right to make sure you"re getting ideal deal you have the right to find.

1. Log in on to a next account and also locate the article you require via the Shop Wizard, commerce Post, Auction House, etc.

2. Make a keep in mind of the shop, trade, auction, or various other sales suggest (copying the URL native your attend to bar is normally sufficient).

3. Switch ago to your key account and purchase the item.

You can also ask because that Shop Wizard assistance from people on the pursuit NeoBoards . The civilization on this wonderful board will look up the item you need on the Shop Wizard. Every you need to do is the following:

1. Produce a brand-new topic with the title "Quest Help" or "FFQ aid Needed" (either one of those should acquire you a rapid response).

2. Article the item name in your very first message and also then wait.

3. In no time in ~ all, a nice, friendly user should have actually posted the usernames of the shops that item is currently accessible in.

4. Native there just search for that user on Neopets, visit your shop and also purchase the item.

Once the item is top top your main account, visit the Quests web page to give the fractional Faerie the item. It need to look prefer the photo below.


How execute I obtain my pet painted after ~ I have actually completed the quest?

Once you have actually completed the quest you must receive this message:


Here is a special note that not too many civilization know about. Friend don"t need to paint a pet that you already have. You can produce a brand-new pet that is the varieties you want and also the precise name you want (so lengthy as it"s no taken). When you know which pet you would like to paint, go to the Rainbow fountain . The page need to look something prefer this:


Select your color from the drop under menu, and also click ~ above the "Get My new Color" button. From over there the page should load and give you a nice little picture of your just painted pet.


Color exception Notice

The following colors are colors girlfriend cannot acquire through a FFQ: 8-bit, Ice, Magma, MSP, Robot, Royal, Sponge, Quiguki and Usuki.

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While the rarest of their kind, you should consider yourself an extremely lucky if girlfriend receive among these quests. Once you do, the hard part is over and also the easy component begins, to buy the item and picking i beg your pardon pet to paint. Have actually fun driving yourself crazy trying to obtain one of these quests, it would most likely be finest to simply go around your everyday Neopets playing and also just hope for the best.