Mew is just one of the most sought-after Pokémon in every one of the Pokémon games. It"s rarity is because of the reality that Mew is not obtainable through normal play. Instead, Mew was offered out with special occasions held by Nintendo in the past. Unfortunately, due to the fact that these events have to be over for years, over there is no legitimate way to acquire Mew in Pokémon Emerald. Through the help of an activity Replay or emulator, friend can accessibility the island the Mew lives on and capture it for yourself.

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Start Emerald v an activity Replay installed, or by utilizing an emulator. The only means to obtain Mew in Pokémon Emerald is come cheat because that it. Mew was offered away with a special occasion in 2005, but this to be the only time it was legitimately available. Currently that the event is lengthy over, you"ll should cheat to acquire Mew. Note: If friend hadn"t got to Lilycove City in your video game yet, you might be the end of sequence as soon as you walk to Lilycove from Faraway Island. This may cause problems with your game, leading to you to obtain stuck. It"s finest to wait to use this code until you"ve got to Lilycove City with the continual game.Prepare her party. You"ll be facing a Level 30 Mew, i beg your pardon will have the ability to transform right into the same Pokémon that you have in her party. Mew is a an excellent Pokémon to usage your grasp Ball ~ above if friend still have actually it, but you can additionally capture it the traditional method by lowering that is health and also throwing punctured Balls. If girlfriend don"t have or don"t want to usage your grasp Ball, stock up on Ultra Balls and bring a Pokémon through False Swipe to reduced Mew"s health. Mew is only Level 30, so that won"t hit also hard, yet you don"t want to by chance knock it the end either. It will certainly also assist to have a Pokémon that can put Mew to Sleep or paralysis it.Since Mew is Level 30, you"ll need the Knuckle (2nd) Badge for it to follow you once you"ve recorded it.If you have actually Legendary Pokémon in her party, Mew will be lot more difficult to catch. It"s recommended the you leave her Legendaries at residence for this trip.Click the "Cheats" menu and also select "Cheat list". You"ll require to go into the code for Faraway Island ~ above your activity Replay or emulator. Click the .Gameshark... button. This will prompt you to go into a brand-new code. Cheat to get a grasp Ball (optional). If you want to usage a understand Ball to catch Mew but don"t have yours anymore, you deserve to cheat to get as many as you"d like. Get in the complying with code and also the next time you enter a punctured Mart, all of the stock will certainly be cost-free Master Balls. 958D8046 A7151D708BB602F7 8CEB681AEnter the teleport code to get to Faraway Island. Open up the Cheat list again and enter a brand-new Gameshark code. The following code will certainly take you come Faraway Island, where Mew can be found.<1> 8DEB234A 4C8DC5ECSince you space cheating to gain to Faraway Island, and not to specifically gain Mew, her Mew should show up legitimate when checked because that hacks.Walk through a door or adjust locations. As soon as you"ve entered the code, walk with a door or adjust locations to instantly teleport come the Faraway Island. Walk into the forested area that the island. By following the winding route through the forest, friend should have the ability to find the entrance to another area. The enntrance gate to the 2nd area will have actually a deep shade of eco-friendly beneath the trees. This will take friend deeper into the forest. As soon as you get in this second area, you"ll check out Mew ahead of you. The enntrance gate to the 2nd forest area is situated on the ideal side that the forest at the optimal of the hill.If girlfriend walk through the entrance and also are taken earlier to the begin of Faraway Island, you"ll must disable the Faraway Island teleport code. This code will certainly teleport you earlier to the start of Faraway Island every time you shot to change locations.Chase under Mew. Mew will proceed to run away indigenous you together you follow it v the grass. The grass will shake to present where Mew is running. You"ll should chase that down until you can corner it. When you have Mew cornered, talk to that to begin the battle. Litter your grasp Ball to record Mew. If you have a grasp Ball, you can throw it instantly to record Mew. If friend don"t have actually a grasp Ball, you"ll need to lower Mew"s health. Lower Mew"s health if girlfriend don"t have actually a master Ball. If you require to capture Mew with classic Poke Balls, you"ll require to reduced its health and wellness so the the bar turns red first. The easiest way to carry out this without knocking Mew the end is to use False Swipe. This will lower Mew"s health, yet will no drop it below 1.Putting Mew to Sleep or Paralyzing it will make it much easier to catch.Leave Faraway Island. As soon as you"ve captured Mew, you can leave the island.

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Return to the bottom the the hill to take it the boat earlier to Lilycove City.