Aluminum adhesive joints should be not only stable, but additionally as durable, inconspicuous, and also at best heat-resistant as possible. Gluing document to file is child’s play, and also it doesn’t matter which adhesive girlfriend use. The situation is entirely different if you desire to adhesive aluminum to wood, for instance – there room a few things to consider here. In ours adhesive guide, we tell girlfriend what this are and which adhesive is the best when you desire to link aluminum to aluminum.

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Properties that Aluminum

Aluminum is a relatively new material the was uncovered at the beginning of the 19th century and also could be developed in pure type for the an initial time in 1827. At the time, the process was quiet so complex that commercial production did no seem worthwhile. It was not until twenty years later that this material started its triumphal march roughly the world and also developed into an industrially generally used and highly valued metal. But no family members should be without aluminum, for example as a thin foil for packaging or together a material for moldings.

The nature of aluminum are likewise ideally suited to today’s lightweight construction:

that has an extremely high heat conductivity, i m sorry is only surpassed through the conductivity of copper it is a relatively soft and easy to procedure metal and also is thus preferred by do-it-yourselfers If aluminum come into call with air, the optimal layer oxidizes and protects the from deep corrosion the is not dubbed light steel for nothing: as result of its short weight, it saves energy, particularly in the shipping and also aircraft industries; however, it additionally proves its worth in other commercial sectors due to its barrier properties, it have the right to be offered well as a packaging material to defend both food and also pharmaceutical assets from ecological influences Aluminum is amazing for the electric industry since of that excellent electrical conductivity


These and other favorable properties make aluminum among the most important materials in the world today, both in the industrial and also craft sectors.

To join aluminum together, the user has actually various options, which we will comment on below. However, there space a couple of things to consider, especially concerning the invisible oxidation layer the covers the aluminum. In addition to welding and riveting, over there is additionally the opportunity of bonding aluminum.

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Aluminum is great heat conductor. Its melting temperature is 660° Celsius, i m sorry is lower than the of copper, iron, and also other metals. If you want aluminum bonding to be heat-resistant, you need to pay attention not just to the melting temperature the the aluminum but likewise to the warm resistance that the adhesive used.

But i m sorry adhesive perform you require for aluminum gluing?

The ideal Aluminum Glue

In order to bond aluminum, you ideally require a building and construction adhesive. To glue aluminum, you have actually the an option of three different species of adhesive: