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Well. The quest past the Beef (to my expertise off the top of my head) have the right to be obtained by one of two people A: talking to Hek Gunderson, the man in the key entrance with the farmhand and also the shotgun. Or B: talking to Mortimer and convincing the to speak to you about the search by having actually the Canabalism Perk or a high Speech. After the it must all stream relatively smoothly. Yet when you acquire to the allude of actually joining the White Glove society you require fame through The Strip. And also I forget specifically what quests give The strip fame. Sorry.

Yeah, activate the beyond The Beef Quest.

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Ask around the investigator and Mortimer will provide you a vital to the investigator"s room in the hotel.1. Once you"re over there you"ll uncover the investigator is dead and also you will certainly be ambushed by 2 White Glove society personnel.2. Pick up the note from the investigator"s body and also follow the hint3. Wait until 4pm at heavy steam room. Chauncey, among the employees that is not really fond that what Mortimer"s to be doing will present up. After ~ the conversation through Chauncey, he"ll be killed by one assassin. You can get a silenced pistol from the assassin"s body and also a officially wear indigenous Chauncey"s body.After law the above, talk to Majorie about being a honorary member the the if gloveBeing "accepted" through The Strip will let girlfriend join right into the White Glove culture right away. (Talk to Marjorie)
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Okay, so I"m in now. If I wanted to have actually a higher moral stand in new Vegas (More fame, in infamy), need to I aid the White Glove society or must I rotate them in?
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Ultra-Luxe... Just how do ns join/help White Glove?
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