I left Jem alone once he got back from the Radley’s. Ns tried to carry out as Atticus teach me and walk roughly in Jem’s skin. Ns tried come imagine what the would have actually been prefer to go earlier to the Radley’s in the center of the night. I would have actually been terrified so i left Jem alone.

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I started school again: the 2nd grade. That was simply as negative as the first grade. I was tho not permitted to read, but one great thing was the I continued to be as late as Jem and also we walked home together. Top top our way home one afternoon, Jem called me what happened that night.

“When ns went ago for mine breeches – they were every in a tangle as soon as I was getting’ out of ‘em, i couldn’t acquire them loose. When I went back-“ Jem take it a deep breath. “When i went back, they to be folded across the fence… choose they to be expectin’ me.”

“And something else – “Jem’s voice to be flat. “Show you when we get home. They’d been sewed up. Not favor a lady sewed ‘em, choose somethin’ I’d shot to do. All crooked. It’s nearly like –“

“—somebody knew you to be comin’ back for ‘em.”

Jem shuddered . “Like somebody was readin’ my mind… prefer somebody could tell what i was gonna do. Can’t anybody phone call what I’m gonna perform lest lock live in the home with you, and also even ns can’t phone call sometimes.”


One work in October we were walking by the tree in the Radley’s yard and also noticed other white in the knot-hole. Ns pulled out two tiny images carved in soap. One was the number of a boy and also the other was in a crude dress. Jem called me that he had never viewed anything as good as this before. Together I looked closer, the boy number was wearing shorts and also this hair fell to his eyebrows. Ns gazed up in ~ Jem and noticed his hair parted down to his eyebrows too. Jem looked indigenous the girl-doll to me. The girl-doll wore bangs. For this reason did I.

“These space us,” that said.

“Who walk ‘em, you reckon?”

“Who perform we know about here that whittles?” the asked.

“Mr. Avery.”

“Mrs. Avery simply does prefer this. I typical carves.”

We took the numbers home and Jem put them in his stems . We didn’t’ know who can have excellent these carvings.


A main or so later on we uncovered a whole package that chewing gum in the knot-hole, which us enjoyed. The complying with week we uncovered a tarnished medal . We proved it come Atticus and also he claimed it to be a order medal, that before we were born the Maycomb ar schools had actually spelling contests and awarded medals to the winners. Atticus told us that who must have actually lost it yet he didn’t remember anybody who had ever before won one.

The biggest treasure we uncovered in the knot-hole came four days later. We discovered a bag watch the wouldn’t run, ~ above a chain with a knife. Atticus thought it would more than likely be worth ten dollars.

Jem assumed it would certainly be a great idea if we wrote a letter come whoever’s leaving this things. I believed that would be a nice idea to say thanks to ‘em.

“I don’t gain it, I simply don’t gain it – ns don’t recognize why, Scout…” he looked toward the living room. “I’ve gotta good mind come tell Atticus – no, ns reckon not.”


The next morning we took ours letter to the knot-hole and also were shocked to watch it to fill withcement.

“Don’t friend cry, now, Scout…don’t cry now, don’t issue –“ the muttered in ~ me every the means to school.

The following day we ultimately saw Mr. Radley.

“Hi Mr. Radley“ Jem said.

“Morning Jem, Scout,” stated Mr. Radley, together he went by.

“Mr. Radley,” said Jem.

Mr. Radley turn around.

“Mr. Radley, ah – walk you put cement in the hole in the tree down yonder ?”

“Yes,” he said. “I filled the up.”

“Why’d you do it, sir?”

“Tree’s dying. Girlfriend plug ‘em through cement once they’re sick. Friend ought to know that, Jem.”

We go on to college not speak a thing.

After school we ran into Atticus and also Jem asked him, “Atticus, look under yonder at that tree please, sir.”

“What tree, son?”

“The one ~ above the corner of the Radley lot of comin’ indigenous school.”


“Is that tree dyin’?”

“Why no, son, i don’t think so. Look in ~ the leaves, they’re all green and full, no brown job anywhere—”

“It ain’t also sick?”

“That tree’s as healthy as you are, Jem. Why?”

“Mr. Radley said it to be dyin’.”

“Well possibly it is. I’m sure Mr. Radley knows an ext about his tree that us do.”

Atticus left us then and eventually ns told Jem to come on inside. That told me he would certainly after a while.

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He was standing there till nightfall and also I noticed as soon as he come in he had actually been crying, yet I believed it odd the I had actually not heard him.