What have actually you found to be the best means to level up drive Forms? I've completed the story, yet didn't usage drive develops much for this reason they aren't leveled and also I'm wanting to obtain through the cave of Remembrance.

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I would constantly grind Valor during the story so ns wouldn't require to issue too much about it later. When there's a level cap in the way, I'd simply grind an additional until the lifts. Anyway

Wisdom deserve to be excellent in Timeless River, in the portal windows. Be certain to take it the door come Disney Castle prior to your journey empties, therefore it's full.

I often tend to usage the abilities and keyblade with Drive Converter on grasp Form. Generally I'd simply repeatedly grind in the palace hallway.

Final Form, obvs in ~ the people that never ever Was. Best area is the one after ~ the Xigbar fight due to the fact that it has the many enemies.

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Limit type can be done anywhere, as long as you save using lock limits.

Best location to grind Master kind is in the mansion in Twilight town. The room top top the soil floor simply off native the foyer has actually those gambler nobodies. If you have actually drive converter abilities, just beat their games and then you acquire a tonne of journey orbs. Once your journey gauge is low, lose a game and also turn into a card or dice. Once you turn earlier to human type you’ll have a complete drive gauge. No need to leave the room