I am right now considering making a game, but because I nothing have builders club (and I have only 40


Generally, you do not do it waste your time on creating games without having actually BC.

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Say you have actually made 100 thousand robux turn off of her game; the price girlfriend would receive in robux would certainly be 10 thousand. In my opinion, the isn’t good at all, not also decent.

Even if friend aren’t creating your game for robux, you’ll still need robux for developers (if she hiring), and also generally speaking, you’re going to desire robux one time or another anyway.

What you can do is keep making your game and when its choose 60%- 80% complete you can then acquisition premium. Together


Ask someone through premium to produce a group for you. Then develop the game on name of the group so girlfriend only have actually a 30% marketplace fee on your game purchases.

This is what I normally do, ns haven’t spent any real money on this.

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Getting totally free BC yourselfThis sounds type of sketchy and well the does seem sketchy but it’s reliable. If you no know, Microsoft uses rewards for making use of their search engine Bing, one of the rewards is a 10$ Microsoft Giftcard. Please note that this technique requires home windows 10 operating and also make certain that you have actually the altoalsimce.org app installed. If you decision to grind the rewards device you’ll have the ability to get BC every month.

Asking a friendIf girlfriend don’t have a Windows 10, or unable to download the altoalsimce.org application (the factor you need it is because it directly charges your microsoft account if you space logged in) then your following option would be to do a group, and then questioning a friend to readjust the prices because that you. (This will adjust the rates)

One native (or alot more…), Yes. Firstly, get a commision, and also advertise yourself. Next create a group, as much as I recognize you no longer need Premium to produce yourself a team (I haven’t tested it, though so not 100% counting on that.) make your game there, and also you’re every set. Perhaps gain yourself a couple of investors to help advertise, and also best of luck to ya!

(I can give you an old airport group if you’d like, girlfriend no longer need Premium come transfer team owners either!
(will take it a bit, tested the no premium owner transfer through my brother, he’ll have to acquire on))