Once in a while, life deserve to be quite stressful. We"ve tried all the standard coping techniques — going for walks, coloring, hear to reassuring songs — yet sometimes, nothing beats a good old-fashioned stress ball. So when we spotted this colorful DIY version by Karina Garcia, us couldn"t wait to try it out.


WaterEmpty plastic bottle


1. To water a generous amount of Orbeez into a huge bowl.

2. Fill the bowl v water and let that sit overnight. In the morning, you must be rewarded with a pile of bright, squishy water beads.

3. Use a funnel to to fill the north plastic bottle through Orbeez.

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4. Punch up the balloon come create space for the Orbeez, then twist the opened to store the waiting from escaping.

5. Large the balloon opened over the top of the plastic bottle.

6. Let the balloon untwist, then turn the party upside-down to pour the Orbeez right into the balloon.

7. Eliminate the balloon indigenous the bottle, squeeze out the extra air and tie the off.

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