You have the right to make a model of this magnificent framework with things obtainable to you at home. This style is straightforward enough anyone can do it!

There room several various materials that might work consisting of toothpicks, cardboards, matchsticks or popsicle sticks. The selection of products depends upon your creativity. There is no have to buy an high-quality kit together you have the right to make an attractive version on your own.

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Method 1

Supplies Needed

CardboardMatchsticksGlueTwisty TiesA detailed photo of Eiffel Tower


The first step is to publish out a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Try to find one that reflects the tower from one side. You will should make four sides of the tower in the design using this picture. Resize this snapshot to the dimension you desire your finished version to be.

Now reduced out the picture along the outlines.

Take a big cardboard box and also trace the picture of the tower onto the cardboard. Cut out the cardboard. Now, place the matchsticks on height of the picture on the currently of the tower image. Make certain to reduced the flammable part of the matchsticks off.

Glue the matchsticks in their position.

Repeat this process of tracing the picture on the cardboard, laying and also gluing the matchsticks three more times because that each side of the tower.

Assemble every the pieces in addition to glue. Use twisty ties to organize the pieces until the glue has dried. Once it is done, paint them the means you want.

Method 2

Supplies Needed

Popsicle SticksStyrofoamHot GlueScissorsSpray Paint


Take a Styrofoam sheet and also cut it into three square piece in diminish sizes. Reduced the squares in sizes of 10, 6 and also 3 customs on one side. Out of 3 pieces, the largest one is because that the base and the other two space for the intermediate level of the version building. In addition, the base square must be 2 customs thick and also the various other two pieces have to be 1 customs thick.

Now take the basic piece and also insert one Popsicle rod on each corner. This sticks should be slightly slanting inwards. Currently push the 6-inch Styrofoam piece on the peak of the Popsicle sticks inserted on the larger piece. Insert one Popsicle pole on each edge of this second Styrofoam square as well slightly slanting inwards together before. Currently take the smallest square and push that on the top of the 2nd level the Popsicle sticks.

Take two popsicles sticks and stick them end to end. Make three more such pairs. When done, insert one such pair top top each edge of 3-inch square. This sticks must be slanting enough to meet all other three in ~ the center. Adhesive them with each other to do a spicy tip.

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Glue the Popsicle sticks between the currently inserted rod on each level. Once the framework is ready, spray paint it in desired color.